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Mar 30, 2008 11:01 PM

Quince poaching liquid

I've just poached some beautiful quinces (for 4.5 hrs!!) and I have a lot of the poaching liquid left over. It is intensely sweet and full of flavour, but I just dont know what to do with it. Apart from eating some with the quinces, and pouring some over ice cream, I'm stuck for ideas.
But boy does the house smell fragrant!

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  1. I usually save it in a jar or plastic container and eat it over good Greek yogurt. Doesn't last long that way.

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    1. re: Kagey

      I tried keeping mine in a sterilized bottle to use as a syrup - grew mould within ten days. Such a pity. I usually bottle poached quince slices in the poaching liquid, then process in a hot water bath. That seems to keep the mould from growing. Should have tried that with the syrup....

      1. re: Gooseberry

        You should try processing in a water bath or pressure canner.

        1. re: Gooseberry

          Aha. Probably not enough sugar! But in my house the syrup wouldn't last the ten days.

      2. How about making sorbet? Sorbet is basically flavored simple syrup anyway. Or even easier -- granita.

        1. i like the sorbet idea, too.

          what about freezing cubes of it to add to fruit or vegetable soups (like a carrot, cumin, curry soup....with coconut milk....ginger....some caramelized onions/shallots...... oh, it is lunchtime, isn't it?!)

          1. Where did you get the quinces at this time of year?

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            1. re: Father Kitchen

              FK - I'm in Australia! Its the beginning of quince season here!

              1. re: jaykat

                Lucky you. I rarely see them here, even when they are in season. Do you every make quince chutney?

                1. re: Father Kitchen

                  Do you have a quince chutney recipe that you like? I made some in the fall and it was just far too sweet - I ended up throwing it out.

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    No. I was hoping someone else would volunteer a recipe. Years ago, I had a recipe for chutney made from still firm apricots, but I've lost it in one of my many moves. I think it would have worked with quince.

                    1. re: Father Kitchen

                      Me again. I just remembered we did make chutney some years back when I lived in Washington State. I had gotten the recipe from Uncle Phaedrus. I Googled "quince chutney" and came up with my original query and recipe. You can find it at I loved it, but most went out the door as gifts. I never got a chance to make it again.

                        1. re: MMRuth

                          Never trust me to proof read. That should be I'll try it and see if it works. Sorry about that.

                          1. re: Father Kitchen

                            It does - thank you. I like the orange in the recipe - I think it would give the chutney a nice tang.

                            Oh - and the ginger one sounds lovely too.

                2. re: jaykat

                  Quince season has just started here in South Africa, too :) I'm always amazed to read Jane Grigson's descriptions of how rare they were in 1970s England. Here, I can get them at all greengrocers and supermarkets for about $2.50/kg. Such an exciting harbinger of autumn... I'm thinking poached quinces in syrup, quince and walnut upside down cake, quince butter, quince and polenta tart, quince and apple pie.

                  AND I saw the first fuyu persimmons of the season at the supermarket yesterday! Can't wait for decent citrus, either...

              2. Could you combine the poaching liquid, some apple peels, and sugar to make quince jelly?

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