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Mar 30, 2008 11:00 PM

Where could I buy those mochi balls that they put in Pinkberry's Shaved Iced Yogurt

Just came back home from Pinkberry's in LA and had there shaved ice yogurt with fruits. I LOVED IT. I Loved the mochi ball's especially. was wondering where I could buy just those mochi balls? Could I just go to an asian grocery store or japanese one to buy them? Are they hard to make? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hopefully someone could recommend a place to me.

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  1. Do they have ice cream in them? If so, Trader Joes has those. If not, what are they like?

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      No they don't have ice cream in them. They are small round balls, maybe the size of a dime or a little smaller. They look like they are made out of flour but they are slightly transparent, has a nice chewy texture, slightly sweetened.

    2. They're really fiddly to make. You can buy them in any Japanese grocery store. If you're still down here in LA you can buy them in Marukai, Mitsuwa, Safe & Save or Nijiya for sure.

      If you live in SF you might do better to post a question on the SF board (if you haven't already). I don't dare go look -- they might throw stones at me. :-P

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        What's Safe & Save? Sounds like a bank. :)

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          A small, homey Japanese market with great fish on Sawtelle Boulevard in West LA.

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            THAT'S right. I always go to Granada or Nijiya. I'll have to try that one now. Thanks.

      2. DU is right on. If you're still in town then Fugetsu-do in Little Tokyo will have it and a whole lot more.

        Thi place looks intriguing in your neck of the woods:


        Usually mochi are much larger than what they do at Pinkberry. I think if you dice up the larger pieces and roll them in rice flour (white rice ground fine in a coffee grinder) or cornstarch it should get you a good facsimile of what you had.

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          I do not know about Pinkberry but from everyone else is describing, the kind at Trader Joe's and Marukai and Mitsuwa, Nijiya, Fugetsu-do, they now actually sell that at Bristol Farms, Whole Foods, and some Ralphs and Albertsons, at least here in SoCal

        2. Any Chinese supermarket in SGV will have it. 99 Ranch, 168, Hong Kong, Shun Fat, etc.

          1. Uh, every korean market has them. You get a box of them for $2.99 now.