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Mar 30, 2008 09:14 PM

Where to have dinner on Las Vegas strip this Fri?

Five friends and I are meeting in Las Vegas this weekend to have a collective celebration of our 40th birthdays. I wanted to make a reservation at a nicer restaurant for Fri night but have been overwhelmed looking at reviews of Las Vegas restaurants. We want something on the Strip. I considered Aureole due to the wine tower thing but saw bad reviews. Any advice appreciated but we definitely want to be near the Strip as we don't want to travel too far.

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  1. Is this a group of men, women, or both? Are all open to any kind of dining, or do you have some picky eaters or folks who can't eat certain things?

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      This is a group of women. No picky eaters (except me--I don't eat seafood but am happy to get steak/chicken at seafood place).
      We are open to any type of food but not any kind of dining. We want a sit down place with a nice atmosphere but that could be cool/hip or sophisticated.

    2. i have 2 places you may want 2 try the range at harrahs an excellent steak house and at paris mon ami gabi excellent french food the cafe is over looking the ballagio fountains great view

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        My vote goes to B&B at the Venetian, with Bouchon (also there) running a close second.

      2. Thanks for the input. I have made reservations at B&B and L'Atelier so far.

        1. I have had multiple great meals at Aureole. I don't understand the bad reviews it gets. Maybe people think the wine tower is a gimmick. I don't know. They have one of the better tasting menus in town. Their wine program may well be the best in town. If you are a foodie who enjoys wine, I think it's a great choice. Choose to dine in Swan Court if you prefer a bit quieter or the Main Dining Room to be in the middle of it all. The restaurant has been going strong throughout the Vegas celebrity chef boom which I think says a lot more than a few negative reviews of the anonymous wannabe food critics that sites like this can attract.