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Best corned beef hash?

We're looking for the best corned beef hash in San Francisco or the Peninsula. We've heard that the CBH at Canteen is great, but we won't be around on the weekend. We've also seen mentions of Bette's in Berkeley, and some other place in Oakland -- however we will be staying in Pacifica and prefer a place on this side of the bay. Any ideas?

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  1. I'm like you -- always on the hunt for good hash. My two favorites so far is 2223 in the Castro and Elite Café on Fillmore (preferring the latter).

    1. I haven't found any better than Safeway brand canned corn beef hash. Many restaurant offerings are too stringy for me.

      1. Fattoush on Church.. Made with real corned beef, noting that ever saw the inside of a can!

        Which is pretty interesting given the middle eastern bent of this restaurant... But the hash... uber good chunks seasoned how you like it; mild to spicy.


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          I love Kate's Kitchen on lower Haight. Big, hunks of corned beef with a variety of root vegetables. Though, some times the meat can be tough.

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            Thanks to your recommendation and its' proximity..I hoofed over to Kates' on lower Haight... for b'fast....Thank you!! This was an unconventional corned beef hash HUGE chunks of meat over a medley of very carmelized and tasty root vegetables, sweet potatoe, carrots, turnip, parsnip...and 2 gently fried sunny side up eggs,,,,my only complaint was that my english muffin was not crisp....nothing is perfect, but I will be back...this was one HUMONGOUS portion!

        2. Try Big Joe's @ 487 San Mateo Ave in San Bruno
          (650) 871-9502. Excellent corned beef hash!

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            Anything else good at Big Joes?

            Big Joe's
            487 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

          2. Brenda's does an awesome peppery corned beef hash with real sliced corned beef and chunks of grilled potatoes. It's not on the permanent menu however so you'll need to call ahead to see if they're offering it that day. Even if they don't have it that day, the rest of their breakfast items are killer. If you decide to go on a weekend, arrive early and expect a long wait as the place is tiny.

            Brenda's French Soul Food
            652 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94102

            1. campton place used to be my favorite but that's some time ago. anybody have an update?

              1. I can't totally recall it but Caffe 817 in Old Oakland had some pretty good CBH. Definitely wasn't from a can...but not as crispy as I like...but still very good, poached egg.

                1. In the St. Regis hotel, there's a small restaurant on the 4th floor (NOT Ame, which is
                  downstairs). Vitrine, I think is the name.

                  I had breakfast there a few months back. Absolutely and unquestionably the best
                  corned beef hash I've ever eaten. And I've eaten a lot. Perfectly perfect little chunks of
                  corned beef. Potatoes. Peas. A bunch of other things too but I tried not to deconstruct
                  it since the whole was just so astonishing.

                  Downside -- it cost $21 before tax, tip, and coffee.

                  Plus, the restaurant itself is weirdly uncomfortable. About as welcoming as
                  you'd expect the 4th floor of a financial district hotel to be. With all the charm,
                  if slightly better fixtures, of an executive washroom. And they're only open from
                  about 7-10 am.

                  However, if you can manage to expense-account it, or are flush enough that it
                  doesn't matter, I *strongly* recommend this place for the hash. Call ahead to make
                  sure, it was several months ago and their menu is not online.

                  125 3rd St, San Francisco, CA

                  1. Dipsea in Sausalito does a nice authentic (shredded rather than diced corned beef hash) with two poached eggs and hash browns

                    Dipsea Cafe
                    200 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941

                    1. CBH at the Seafood Brasserie in Santa Rosa is by far the best I've ever had. They raise it to the level of haute cuisine.

                      (their dungeness Caesar and Louie are also killer)

                      1. Village Grill 160 W Portal
                        It's diner style, and they make an all around good breakfast, but the homemade corned beef is especially impressive, with generous servings of the meat.

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                          Just wanted to add that Village Grill makes a patty style, almost like acorned beef-potato pancake. It's good, but might be a different style if you're looking for more of a potato, and corned beef chunk toss.

                        2. Ad Hoc just sent their Sunday brunch menu - $38.

                          Forest Mushroom Crepes with cypress grove purple haze and field green salad with red wine vinaigrette

                          Snake River Farm’s Corned Beef Brisket yukon gold potato hash with melted onions slow cooked clark summit farm’s hen egg

                          White Wine Poached Pears d’Anjou pears with vanilla whipped cream shortbread cookie

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                            Sally's on 16th in Portero Hill makes a good CBH.

                          2. the BEST is at Toast in Noe Valley - I get it well done with eggs over medium. My second favorite is at Savor also in Noe Valley, but it's a little greasier than I like. Great for hangovers!

                            1. I'll vote for Dennis Leary's CBH at Canteen! The best I have ever had.

                              1. I had the CBH at Manor Cafe in West Portal this weekend and really liked it. They make their own corned beef. The chunks are smaller and it's cooked dry, with some pieces almost crispy, and more beef than potatoes, etc. (I don't like it when there's lots of "filler.") Tasty.

                                They serve it with eggs and a side of hash browns.

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                                  my fave is Tygers in Glen Park - homemade and only available every other weekend. It's a heart stopping portion that is absolutely wonderful...