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Mar 30, 2008 07:31 PM

Looking For Suggesstions For 1/2 Year Anniversary

I am looking for a good fancy restaurant that would be fun for my 1/2 a year anniversary with my girlfriend. Any suggestions would be lovely. Looking for places in San Jose area but willing to drive further as well.
Thank You For All Your Help.

Places I Have In Mind
- Cheesecake Factory

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  1. What's your price range? How fancy do you want to get (I wouldn't consider The Cheesecake Factory "fancy").?

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Price Range doesn't really matter. It is a highschool relationship. Fancy but not fancy like in wearing a tux, tie, etc.

      1. re: Stormwolf

        Your profile says you're in Mountain View. How about Zibbibo in Palo Alto? It's nice but not formal, has a lively atmosphere, and the food isn't too fussy.

        430 Kipling St., Palo Alto, CA 94301

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Zibibbo looks pretty good, was looking through their menu for dinner, I guess that works, might drive down their to check it out.


    2. Are you looking for romantic or fun? I'm assuming that drinking wine is not part of the equation. Do you want food you know well or try something a little more special? This could be the beginning of a romance with food also. A little more info might help you get better suggestions.

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      1. re: budnball

        Price Range doesn't really matter. It is a highschool relationship. Fancy but not fancy like in wearing a tux, tie, and all that

        1. re: Stormwolf

          I am not now or have I ever been related to young Stormwolf. I must thank him for repeating his previous post. I was just about to use it to reply to swaq's suggestion for a tapas bar as being inappropriate.

      2. Since you are thinking of Cheesecake Factory, perhaps try Cascal on Castro St. or NOLA in Palo Alto. Food is not bad and both of these places offer a fun atmosphere. Nola's is creole food & Cascal is tapas style.
        (note the interesting non-alcoholic beverages


        1. You're joking about the Cheesecake Factory, right?

          Anyway, for something like a 1/2 year anniversary, why not roll with the situation and have a small plate dinner somewhere like a tapas bar, etc. 1/2-sized plates for the 1/2-year anniversary...

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          1. re: swag

            Well Cheesecake was something new that I never tried so reason I thought about it slightly. Now I seem to like the suggestions all you people are gibing me more and more instead haha.

            More info that i forgot to add to my thing- Price Range doesn't really matter. It is a highschool relationship. Fancy but not fancy like in wearing a tux, tie, etc.

            1. re: Stormwolf

              If anyone took me to a date at Cheesecake Factory ... at any age ... I'd dump them. Not as good as some of the other suggestions, but I still have a soft spot for Frankie and Johnnies and Luigies too. Not what it was before expanding though.

              1. re: rworange

                Yeah. Without getting into whether one does or doesn't like the food, eating at a chain is by definition an impersonal, assembly line experience. The opposite of romantic.

                1. re: rworange

                  Yet, somehow, I still see many many people who look like they are on dates at Cheesecake Factory the few times I've been there. The food is very ordinary and definitely does NOT justify the wait times of > 1 hour for dinner, there are just too many good places around!

                  1. re: rworange

                    Boy talk about a tough crowd... Com'n the guy is in high school give him a little slack. CCF isn't perfect but at least the guy is trying and they have fun..isn't that what matters. I mean WTH were you guys eating in high school?

                    Stromwolf -- I'd listen shuynh...that's a way better tip then any old timer can give. If you focus on having fun and going somewhere fun, you're ahead of the game. You'll have plenty of time to try to impress later and all the pitfalls that go with it.

                    Okay, I'm just as clueless as the other old timers...but I'm a guy.

                    1. re: ML8000

                      Come on ... Cheesecake Factory ... shouldn't the wisdom of the years steer someone away from that Sysco junk. If he wants to go ... go ... but not for a nice date.

                      1. re: rworange

                        Well CCF was the first thing that came to my mind, I have never been there but people have been telling me it was good from school. Ya for a nice date after talking with you guys I am going to pass on CCF and go with your suggestions. You guys have named some great restaurants plus the price doesn't really matter since I made a ton from my NASA internship anyways. I just want to make it a dinner / night she would remember thats all, so CCF is off my list and I am going to probably drive down to most of the suggested places to check them out and their surroundings to see what activities surround them as well while waiting in line if the place is crowded.

                        1. re: Stormwolf

                          I third shuynh's suggestion of Santana Row. It is fun for people watching, window shopping, dining, etc (even a Border's Books located here). While there are quite a few restaurants there, my recommendation would be Pizza Antica (wood fired pizza, contemporary setting).

                          Even though price doesn't seem to be an issue for you, the more upscale restaurants tend to have a little older clientele. Normally, chowhound recs for good upscale dining are Tamarine, Evvia, Junnoon & Mantra (Vietnamese, Greek, & last two being Indian and all in downtown Palo Alto). Hence my suggestions of Cascal, Nola's & Santana Row. These offer casual, lively atmosphere in nice setting with decent food and by no means "cheap".


                          1. re: ceekskat

                            I agree! Pizza Antica is a good place, it's actually pretty good. I like to get the piadini with my salad, but beware- you will ooze of garlic for the rest of the night...

                          2. re: Stormwolf

                            I think it is really sweet of you to make this research effort for your date. You sound very considerate and I hope you guys have a great time! (I live in SF and have no clue about anyplace in San Jose!)

                2. When I was in high school I was obsessed with the Cheescake Factory because it was only in SF at the time (I live in SJ)...

                  You should take her to a restaurant at Santana Row (because it's hip and the cool thing to do)... Go to Yankee Pier... It's not super but their lobster rolls are good. Plus you can take a stroll down the streets and hang out while you wait for dinner. AND you can go to Cocola's for dessert afterwards. That'll impress her.

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                  1. re: shuynh

                    Someone on my flight on saturday mentioned Santana Row to me as well, I might drive there one day to check it out and plan it. They kept talking about this place called A & P or something like that.

                    1. re: Stormwolf

                      Probably AP Stumps in San Jose.

                      A P Stump's - closing July 10 2009
                      163 W Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        Could it be a Mondegreen for ABC?

                      2. re: Stormwolf

                        Santa Row is a nice place for chains. It has a certain charm in a Stepford Wives sort of way.

                        1. re: rworange

                          Ouch. It's high school. You can't apply adult dating standards to teenagers just figuring it out. There are adults who celebrate anniversaries at Ruby Tuesday's and Cheesecake Factory.

                          I wish I knew of some places in San Jose.... but my advice is to find something nice, with a great reputation for food, but not to worry about how date-like the atmosphere is.