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Mar 30, 2008 06:42 PM

Gluten FreeDining -Silicon Valley

I'll be in SanFrancisco at the end of the week with a day trip to Palo Alto. Can anyone suggest a restaurant in that area (San Jose, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, etc) that is gluten-free friendly, but NOT PF changs, or Outback?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. What kind of food would you like? Price range? Ambiance? I live in Palo Alto and have celiac so can suggest many places, but the bottom line is that most restaurants here are very accommodating (in SF and the general bay area) so if you just go with general board recommendations, you will be fine.

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      I have a good list of places in/near SF but had a hard time finding anything near Palo Alto that wasn't the above mentioned chains. Price range is totally flexible, as is ambiance, so any suggestions you have is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

      1. re: glutenfreep

        Well all of the higher end restaurants will accommodate - at least I have never encountered one that wouldn't. Just had a nice meal at Evvia (upscale greek) (although they do flour the potatoes, they do sub out any side dish for a gluten free one), Zitune (upscale, Cal-Moroccan), John Bentley is good (California). For more casual places, Bogedita del Medio on California (cuban), Kan Zeman (Lebanese), Fuki Sushi (sushi, real crab), Palo Alto Sol (Mexican), Cafe Sophia (Afghan), Tumeric (Indian). Depending how comfortable you are with Spanish there are a lot of fantastic Mexican places around, but I mention Palo Alto Sol simply because they can communicate well about the "allergy". We usually eat at Taquerias. La Bamba in Mountain view is a taqueria that is easy to eat at - the person at the register can usually communicate the "allergy" to the cooks.

        Honestly, just search for Palo Alto, Redwood City or Mountain View on the board, and most places except Chinese can accommodate. If there are specific places you are interested in that I haven't mentioned, post again and I can let you know about them.

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            We ended up ay Evvia - it was only a 5 minute walk from my aunt's house. Fantastic meal! The excutive chef crossed out anything that contained gluten. Excellent suggestion!

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          Are there any strictly gluten free restaurants in the Bay area? We have a couple of places here in NYC that are half gluten free and I'm wondering if anything like that exists in the Bay area.

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            Well - not like NYC. There is Cafe Mariposa in Oakland, which is probably the closest thing, which is more of a bakery with quick breads, and a pizza (though there are mixed reviews on that). One of the Whole Foods (Cupertino I think) has a gluten free bread in their deli. There are a few pizza joints that keep gluten free crusts on hand (one in Berkeley, but I don't live on that side so I don't know the details). There are a few places that do GF pasta (the chain Maggianos for one), and several places have gluten free menus. Cafe Gratitude and other raw vegan places are often gluten free, but it is a different experience. There is a place in Davis called Farmer's Kitchen (I haven't been), but that isn't really Bay Area.

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              Oaxacan kitchen in Palo Alto is a fantastic and almost completely gluten-free restaurant. The only thing they make with gluten is the churros for dessert. They are made in the fryer so anything else fried is not gluten-free but the menu is very clearly labeled with a triangle next to everything that is gluten free. They have wonderful homemade corn tortillas and gluten free chips and the food is absolutely delicious

          2. I know that the pizza place in downtown Mountain View - ZPizza- sells gluten-free pizzas. I got a flyer in the mail not too long ago. Red Rock on Castro also has lots of gluten-free dessert items. Good luck!

            Red Rock Cafe
            1010 Lincoln Ave, Napa, CA 94558