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Mar 30, 2008 06:33 PM

Golden Phoenix Thai brown rice

I am looking for Golden Phoenix brown jasmine rice--it is an 80% blend oif Thai hom mali brown rice and 20% red brown rice. We got it in Hawaii and it's delicious! I looked in Chinatown here in Manhattan, but no luck.

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  1. You may not be able to find that brand, but you can mix it yourself. Try asking the owner at Bangkok Grocery where to find the red rice. You can buy hom mali rice from him too. Getting "new" hom mali is more fragrant (khao mai). Many home-cooks in Thailand mix their rice at home if they eat anything other than white.

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      The people at Bangkok Grocery are very friendly and helpful. If they don't have it, they'll probably order it by request.

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      1. You might want to try Kalustyan, or the Thai market in Chinatown - see here:

        There's also one on Bayard, but I forget the address and name.

        1. Patricia, I am also looking for this rice. IMHO the perfect rice blend. At 120 baht ($3.70 us) per vacum packed kilo id buy this all the time if available.
          I have this info from the package, though i cant find it here in the us and the brown/red blend isnt listed on thier site;

          I am trying to contact and see what we can do to get some of this imported. Will post results here.

          I did find an importer who seems to have a similar product;

          But i havent tried or obtained this yet. I really want the Golden Pheonix brand!

          all my best


          1. Could you tell us more about this rice? I am headed for Thailand in a few months and am always looking for food souveniers to bring home. Why is it so great?