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Mar 30, 2008 06:11 PM

Best Ahi Poke in Maui

Hello all! I am getting married in Maui the first week in October. I am a huge Ahi Poke fan! Can anyone tell me where I can find the best? Thanks!

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  1. I actually like the Poke at the Foodland market. I like the kimchi flavored, but they have Shoyu as well as with the brown seaweed bits. I didn't like the poke from Star market as much

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      IMO, the best poke on Maui is actually on Molokai :-) -- at the Hotel Molokai. Fabulous. Most of the rest of the food there is forgettable.

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        Im exactly the opposite - love the poke at the star market in Lahaina

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          It's been a couple of years but I agree that Foodland does a great poke - we loved the kimchi flavored one and once I got one made out of raw blue crab legs with kimchi - the clerk asked if I wanted a taste - I was a little dubious about it but went ahead - absolutely delicious! I've bought it at Star Market and Safeway too but I think that Foodland is the best. I've just set up a trip for the last week of Sept for 10 days so we'll be there till Oct 5! I can't wait!

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          1. Love Ahi Poke and had them at both at Star Market and Foodland too..enjoyed both of them.
            Also, the trucks that are around the island fav is the seaweed/limu.
            I think I bought some ahi poke at the Costco that was quite good.
            My mouth is just watering thinking it.