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Mar 30, 2008 06:09 PM

Gazala Place, Hell's Kitchen- Terrible Service

I just had dinner at Gazala Place (9th Ave. between 48th and 49th), and although I had high hopes, I can't recommend this restaurant.

I am not usually one who is bothered by bad service or bored waiters, but this was an exception. The one waitress on staff didn't greet us, just made eye contact and then stared at an open table, implying that we should sit. As I sat down, I heard her sniff loudly and saw her wipe her nose with her hand. She was very unfriendly, and really ruined the entire dinner experience. She was also spraying cleaning fluid to clean the tables, which sent a mist of 409 throughout the air of the restaurant, and onto the food of the nearby tables. I've never seen tables cleaned like this, especially while people are dining so close by, and it really put me off.

I've read other posts about this place that praised the good service, so maybe tonight was an off night. Based on this, however, I would probably not sit down to eat here in the future. One other thing, a man at an adjacent table was sent searching for a restroom in nearby restaurants when they told him they didn't have a restroom for him to use.

I should mention that the food was not bad... it wasn't the best, but had the service been good, I would have been able to recommend this restaurant. We got an appetizer platter with falafel, eggplant dip, humus, and stuffed grape leaves. The bread that came with them was really tasty, but for $9.95 I thought the portions were pretty small. I also got a spinach and feta pie, which had too much dough and not enough filling.

I hope this was just an off night.

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  1. Hi TonyaRose---my officemates and I have been ordering from Gazala every Friday. Today, it appears there is a new staff member. She was very nice and friendly so maybe give it another shot? She also gave us a lot of that delicious bread, just out of the oven.

    1. I had a very bad experience as well.
      I think who ever wrote reviews to gazala is a family member or a friend.
      because i ate ate their few monthes ago, at first is seemed like a really nice place i excpected that the service will be very good considering my waitress was about 40 something.. and had a very strong exccent, i thought she is really experienced, and authentic but it seemed to be that i was wrong... we ordered a vegetarian platter for arround 10$ and got with it 2 pita bread when we asked for one more she gave us 1 more and charged us an additional 2$ without us knowing about (we saw it when we saw the check).... the platter was pretty small. the waitress had a really agressive body lenguage and unwelcoming.
      the other food was pretty simple and plain, it look like she is trying to imitate "hummus place" which is a Mediterranean cuisine as well, with a very similar menu and design pretty much the same.There is nothing special in her food. ...and for the portion size it was over pricy.
      as for gazala she was there but all i saw that she was agressivly fighting with the kitchen staff...and cursing them in her language...
      it might have been just this night
      but my experience wasn't that plasent.
      I don't think i want to pay for a meal and as well suffer I will not eat there again.

      her food is dry and horrible.