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Mar 30, 2008 06:05 PM

Il Bagatto or Hearth?

Help--I'm in charge of dinner for 9 older people in a not too pricey, not too loud setting. Any suggestions? What do you think of these 2 options?

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  1. Have you been to either of these places? Bagatto is reliably (and relatively) loud while Hearth is reliable (and relatively) expensive.

    That being said, 'not too pricey' is a broad qualifier that means wildly different things to different people.

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    1. re: jesse

      Completely different experiences. Hearth is fine dining where Bagatto is home style Italian. You will NEVER sit at your reservation time in Bagatto and with a party of 9 I would estimate you wait at least 45 min after your reservation time. Hearth is probably 2x the price of Bagatto and the entire menu will not be Italian. The food is great at both. If you are looking for a place to bring 9 senior citizens where it is not too loud, Bagatto is out.

    2. Two different leagues... Hearth is a pretentious, expensive showcase for locavore cuisine. Il Bagatto is a delicious, inexpensive (relatively) southern italian restaurant.

      Both are loud... if you're looking to stay in the neighborhood, I highly recommend Barbone on 12th and B. Delicious, (relatively) inexpensive northern Italian, not too loud. I have taken friends, parents and grandparents there and have yet to witness someone who didn't really enjoy it.

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      1. re: tatiana_nyc

        Sorry to burst your bubble but we did not like our experience at Barbone. Terrible service, the asparagus fries were soggy and bland, the chicken liver ravioli was inedible and the overall experience was very disappointing. We would never go back nor recommend this place to anyone.

      2. To echo what's already been said, Hearth is definitley pricey, and Il Bagatto is loud, terrible about seating people remotely on time, and in my experience filled with a recently-out-of-college crowd. Lavagna or Cacio e Vino might work, though I haven't been to either in some time.

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          I can't see where Lavagna could seat 9 people at the same table. Cacio e Vino can be a little loud, though not comparable to Il Bagatto.

          I haven't been to Hearth lately but loved the meals I had there and didn't find it pretentious. But if you want to go to a cheaper place that's sedate and quiet in the same neighborhood, you might consider Col Legno, on 9th St. a bit west of 2nd Av. The food is nowhere near Hearth's class, but it's dependable, solidly good, honest Tuscan food, in a civilized setting. If you do decide to go there, I can recommend some dishes to order.

        2. Just wanted to add that in all my visits to Hearth, I have never experienced anything I would even remotely describe as loud... that said, all other comments are pretty true - both have good food, albeit completely different price points and styles, and il bagatto is both bad with reservation times and quite loud.