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Mar 30, 2008 05:57 PM

Spokane: Rec for bridesmaid dinner

PNW chowhounders I need some big-time help!

I am the maid of honor in a wedding in Spokane where 90% of the guests are from out of town (I'm in Saint Louis!). So instead of a big bridal shower -- we are going to do a nice dinner somewhere for just the women in the bridal party. I have to plan this shindig.

It will be 5 women -- who love really good food. I am looking for a place that's a little bit special but does not have to be super formal. We are pretty fun bunch but won't also being doing an all night pub crawl (one of the gals is pregnant). That said we are really just looking for a wonderful night out where we can sit back, tell stories and enjoy the night.

I've been to Spokane once so I know the area a teeny bit -- stayed at the Davenport. I believe the rehearsal dinner will be at Moxy -- so someplace else.

Suggestions anyone? This will all be happening in June if it makes a difference.

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  1. I haven't lived in Spokane for a while, but Clinkerdaggers was pretty good when I was there.

    The last couple of times I've visited, we've gone to The Elk (, and its been really good.

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      I emailed my brother, who still live in Spokane... here is his list of places might be good for you:
      Milford’s Fish House
      Max at Mirabeau (Valley)
      Safari Room or Peacock Room at Davenport
      Downriver Grill (Northside)
      Steam Plant Grill
      Twigs (South Hill)
      Vin Rouge (South Hill)

      He also said:
      "Some are obviously a little more upscale than others…but in Spokane, you pretty much run into Jeans and T-shirt wherever you end up. I saw that you recommend the Elk, but that seems to bar-ish for what they are looking for. "

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        Max at Mirabeau (Valley)

        I second this. It's a shocker to me because, you know, it's a hotel. How good could it be. but every time I've been everything has been very very good.

        For ambience for the girls....I have to recommend Europa.

        It's soooo cute! I think I would pick this place if it were me. Not fancy, not frilly just really comfy. I love sitting in the older part where the bar is, ask to have your table there. There's even a booth area that could be perfect for 5 people. bathrooms are close (for the very pregnant), and you don't feel rushed to leave! It's very homey.
        They even have seating by a little fireplace, and some nights there's music. Martinis there are sooo good. I've liked everything I've had there. Really good calzones, and pasta, and salads.

        If you like fancy, with a bigger bar scene and price tag to match there's Peacock room (check it out online) I find the davenport just eh.

        We really liked Clinkerdaggers.....and there's windows facing some water...but it's a faster paced place. and usually very crowded, Coctco has gift cards tho!

        1. re: Beka

          We went to the Peacock Room when we were in town last time. A little too square for us. Europa sounds great. The bride loves the atmosphere of Bastanga? Is that the name of the martini bar downtown?

          1. re: tmontauk

            Hi tmontauk, I would toss in my two cents and say that Churchill's is definitely the place you should check out. It's a new restaurant and is just a block away from the Davenport downtown. My wife and I eat out at least five times a week (we are HORRIBLE cooks :) and we've been to all of the restaurants I've seen mentioned here. Some of them are decent, some are horrible. But none of them really have ever knocked our socks off. Europa is definitely a neat little place but it's not private at all, the tables are extremely close together and they also they started closing really early a few months ago. And Clinkerdaggers seems to have a requirement that you need to bring three screaming children with you before they let you in the doors, which drives my wife and I absolutely crazy. We just don't like to eat out with other people's children. Vin Rouge is tiny (it used to be a Carls Jr.) and like Europa's, has absolutely no privacy and we've also had some problems with some really nasty servers there that my wife and I joked the restaurant must have bought fresh from the jerk store. As for all of those other restaurants I see mentioned, we've always had mixed results at those places so I have to say that they all stand out as just mediocre in my mind. Spokane is just a little dry when it comes to "blow your socks off" places to eat unfortunately. But we've been to Churchill's at least half a dozen times in the last three months and it's always been perfect. Totally classy environment but they're not snobs in the slightest, the best steaks I have EVER had, excellent service...etc, etc. Just bring some money for the meter if you go early because parking can be a pain in the ass. But other than that, my wife and I are completely addicted to the place as you can probably tell. :) Anyway, I hope this helps, have a great bridal party!

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