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Mar 30, 2008 05:55 PM

Pizza in Cranbury/East Windsor/Princeton, NJ area

Any suggestions for REALLY good pizza in this area? I've tried quite a few, some very good, but would love to hear suggestions. I grew up in Jersey City, NJ, then Essex County, so looking for a real pizzeria down in this area where you walk in and the smell of pizza hits you like a brick. If you grew up in Hudson or Essex counties, you know what I mean.

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  1. I really like Mannino's on Main Street in Hightstown.

    It is really hard to find good pizza here, but so far this is the place we go to...and I live 20 minutes away!

    Good luck

    1. easy, take 130 down to rt. 33 and make a right. the new delorenzos is on the right. can't beat it.

      1. A big 'yes' on Delorenzo's, a small 'no' on Manninos, which I think is pretty average.

        Of all the local standard places in the immediate area, my favorites are Cranberry pizza in Cranberry and "the Brooklyn" pie from Familia in Hightstown.

        When I first moved here we had an excellent place called Goodfellas right in East Windsor, but alas it closed and was replaced by (ugh) a Perkins Restaurant.

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          I haven't been there but I've heard a lot of good reports about Conte's in Princeton.

        2. I love the pizza at Cranbury pizza. Conte's is also very good, and quite an experience. Expect rude service; it's part of the charm. The inside of Conte's reminds me of the dining hall at camp. They haven't updated or changed anything since the day they opened, I'm sure!

          1. Lately, we've been going to Cafe Capuano (On Dorchester Rd. off Old Trenton Rd.).

            They do a "Pizza Rustica", which is a very thin-crusted, square pizza, with fresh mozzarella, herbs, and sauce, and really very good.

            However, Delorenzo's (Hamilton Ave., Hudson St., or Robbinsville) are all really, really, amazing.