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Mar 30, 2008 05:41 PM

Antique plates or kitchenware?

Is there a place in Boston (or not too far from the city) that sells antique/vintage plates, silverware, and kitchenware? I've been amassing a collection of pretty plates, etc, for food photography.

Once the weather gets even nicer, I'll check out yard sales and such...

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  1. I would try any of the second hand store, consignment shops. For example, Boomerangs on Centre Street in JP.

    You could also go onto and ask if anyone has odd pieces they would like to get out of their homes.

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      Consignment Galleries on Highland St. in Somerville would be a good place to start at if you go the consignment shop route:

    2. Try Cambridge Antique Market on Monsignor O'Brien near Lechmere ( It's a multi-dealer venue with tons of household goods. Quite an unusual place to find in the city, it's really like one of those big antiques emporia you find up in New Hampshire and Maine along the tourist routes.

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        Exactly what I was going to recommend. Cambridge Antique Marketplace is one of the largest in the immediate area that would have lots of various kitchenware and place settings.

        Also, try the Massachusetts Antique Cooperative in Waltham on Felton Street. There's another store next door to them as well but I can't recall the name.

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          Ditto this. I've bought some of my favorite obscure pieces here. One of them was simply labeled "funky cheese plate" and it makes me happy every time I look at it. Great deals on furniture too.

          And of course, the mother ship of all "yard sales" is the Brimfield Fair. But you knew that already.

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            May 13-18. Can't wait. (Love the term "mother ship of all 'yard sales!")

        2. Antique stores on Charles Street. One actually sells only old china and crystal. Serious high end stuff in that place, but others on Charles much more reasonable.

          1. Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. Although they're hit or miss.

            1. It's a drive, but a place in Berkshires specializes in this antique genre. It's expensive, but they have some amazing stuff, including some incredible stemware.


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                Elise Abrams has amazing stuff. The place on Charles Street in Boston is almost on par with that.