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Mar 30, 2008 05:37 PM

$100/Day Meal Budget

I will be in Paris for 3 days (Friday-Sunday) for the first time. Budget is pretty tight at US$100 per day for one person. Breakfast is simply coffee and croissant. I would appreciate some lunch and dinner recommendation. I am a meat and chicken kind of a person. Wine would be nice if budget allows.


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  1. Go to the open air markets, which are in most neighborhoods, and buy what looks good to you, find a bench and eat it. It's a picnic. Save your money for supper. Where are you staying and people will give you a better idea of where to go so as not to waste your money traveling across the city...three days means three suppers. Chowhounders can give you three great/cheap supper places for sure! (I'll be in Paris April 4th thru the 13th and can't wait to get to the markets and buy some wine!)

    1. In any case, with 60 eur per person, you'll have to be careful: Paris is expensive. And, starting with a coffee and a croissant may prove to be bad use of your money if it is in a random café -- here go 8 dollars for almost nothing. The bistronomiques are a stretch -- La Cerisaie, chez l'Ami Jean, or La Régalade all would cost you ca 50 for a dinner with a couple of glasses.

      The best call for good food is probably with the good bakeries -- Julien, Kayser, Boulangerie de Monge, le Grenier à Pain, Gosselin (for baguettes only), Pichard and also buying good ham and cheese from simple stores and, yes, some markets -- though many are just retailers of very ordinary ingredients.

      At BE, you can have a huge bowl of truffled pasta for 13 eur at lunch. La Cave de l'Os à Moelle, in the 15th, is a very good match for your idea, with their 20 eur menu. With soup of the day, choice of first courses, a main, cheese an dessert trolley. And they have great simple wines. Lots of help yourself there, take your plate off the table yourself.

      13 eur lunch menu including wine and coffe at Le Pre Verre (5th) too. And, you know, there are always great, very affordable Asian places, but I take it that it is not what you are looking for (if you are, I already wrote about them). There's a pocket pizzeria in the rue Princesse that is great, with pizzas between 5 and 10 euros. Maye have three little tables.

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        "At BE, you can have a huge bowl of truffled pasta for 13 eur at lunch."

        What is BE?

      2. I will be staying at the Le Meridien Etoile (17th arrondissement). However, I will be moving around like a normal tourist to see the museums cover under the Museum Pass, as well as the other tourist attractions.

        1. Eat out seriously at lunchtime, and have small, less foodie dinners, that's my (very general) tip. So have a sit-down meal for lunch and do something like eat the famous falafal of the Marais for dinner (€5 to take away) and you'll save a lot of money compared to eating a light lunch and a sit-down dinner.

          1. Bistro du 17eme is a short walk from your hotel, and will fit your budget. For 36E you get wine, coffee and three courses; go to for the menu etc.