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Mar 30, 2008 05:31 PM

Best Cheesecake?

I'm looking to order a cheesecake for my sister's shower. Can anyone recommend a place on the northshore?

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  1. Is there a Cheesecake Factory at the North Shore Mall? There's one in Burlington if that's not too far from you.

    1. BEST: http://www.carnegiedeli.com/purchase....
      also available frozen at Dagostino's in Arlington Heights any time



      No kidding - these are the best options - it freezes and travels really well and I've not had anything close from anywhere local - Cheesecake Factory will look nice and add whatever mix-ins you like, but the product itself is not so special.

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        Oh no...Carnegie's is available locally? I always get it to take home at Foxwoods(alomg with a corned beef sandwich). I thought that was the closest place if I wasn't making the trek to NY. IT IS THE BEST!!!!!

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          rlh, I think Juniors is best, creamier, followed by Caranagie. Either way I don't think any place around here can even come close to those two.

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            I love them both and wish there was a local option comparable to either - it's a slightly stronger vanilla flavor and crust texture that gives Carnegie the edge for me, but I'll take Junior's ANY day - is it available locally as well or just via website/excursion to Brooklyn?

        2. growing up in Salem I remember we used to get cheesecakes from this bakery near pickering wharf. I can't remember the name of it or even if its still there but hopefully this will jogg another hound's memory.

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            Alden Merrill's, think you can still find them at some Market Basket locations

          2. the banana cheesecake at Cheesecake factory is really good. They serve it with banana slices, whipped cream and hot fudge. They just opened one in natick.

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              There is a Cheesecake Factory @ the North Shore Mall

            2. This skeptic isn't convinced that Cheesecake Factory, or Junior's, or Carnegie would come out on top in a blind tasting, but that's just based on my natural skepticism and not on personal experience (although I have had all three)! FWIW, I've alway been happy with Alden Merrill's products, but I have not had them since they closed their Newton Centre location.