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Mar 30, 2008 05:00 PM

Where to find affordable quail and rabbit in Central LA?

I live in Koreatown, and have been looking for affordable quail and rabbit for quite some time... the Farmers Market on Fairfax/3rd is really expensive, as is Wholefoods.

I checked this board, but could only find locations in Pasadena, or way out on the Westside... not very convenient for someone who does not drive.

Any good addresses to find game meat in Central LA/ Hollywood/ Century City?

Thanks in advance! :)


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  1. Papa Christo's has frozen quail in the store! They looked good.

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    1. re: mnosyne

      Oooh thank you! That would be neat, it's very close to where I live.
      Do you happen to remember how much they were selling them for?

    2. Rabbit I can't really help you with, but quail is easy -- any Mexican carniceria will have them. The Spanish for "quail" is "codorniz" (singular) or "codornices" (plural). They're sold in boxes of something like a half dozen or a dozen. If you can't find a carniceria in Koreatown, for sure (for sure for sure) they have them at Grand Central Market in downtown LA -- you can take the Purple Line from Koreatown to Pershing Square and walk the couple of blocks up to the market.

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Make sure you don't end up with pichón or 비둘기 or pigeon heh, just kidding . . .

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Thanks a lot! I tried Jons around here to no avail, but I'll try a smaller carniceria, or maybe the little Asian market. :)

          1. re: chibitotorooo

            Definitely not Jons. I would say find a little Mexican carniceria. If you feel up to a journey on what's left of our rail transit, you can head up to North Hollywood on the Red Line and there are carnicerias that have them just a couple of blocks north on Lankershim.

        2. I get mine at Gelson's (i have to order it, and there isn't a Gelson's near you) But I have also seen bunnies at 99Ranch market and other asian Stores. Have you tried the market near the Library Downtown>

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          1. re: Diana

            Last rabbit I got was a frozen one from Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel. I was told, right on this here board, that (temporarily) live ones are available at some of the Chinese poultry places, though I haven't gotten around to checking any of those out. The frozen one was about $7/lb; I have also found non-frozen rabbit at some Latino markets, but not lately.

          2. Central La, Cheap Rabbits and Quail?

            China town on Broadway between Alpine and Caesar Chavez there are 2 poulterers. I believe they are United and Peking? They are walking distance apart and both stock quails and rabbits.

            Make sure you inspect what you buy carefully, and both are cash only.

            Good luck

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            1. re: Badgerchef

              Thanks everybody for the info and tips... I'll be going on a quest over the weekend!