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Restaurants offering a Passover menu?

Despite my porcine chowname, I need to find a restaurant offering a Passover dinner for Saturday, April 19... Doesn't need to be kosher and offer the whole seder aspect, just some place with a set menu and sadly no bread... Quasi-traditional preferred for the 93-year old grandma... Unfortunately Spago is out of my price range and don't know of any other places offering anything (and don't want to end up at a boring old deli - if they are even open)... Suggestions?

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  1. Angeli Caffe. We went one year and really enjoyed. Not sure why it's on Tuesday though.

    (not a seder)
    Tuesday, April 22
    7pm seating - served at long tables family style
    call for reservations 323 936 9086
    credit card number essential to hold reservation

    Long Cooked Eggs tinted with Onion Skins
    Haroset of Dates, Oranges, Raisins, Nuts,Spices - Romaine

    Leek Croquettes

    Pesce en Carpione
    Sauteed White Fish marinated w/caramelized onions in a mustard-champagne

    Chicken Soup w/Chicken Dumplings and Matzo Balls

    Evan’s Pot Roast
    Pollo Arrosto
    Garlic, rosemary, lemon chicken on the bone

    Tortino di Azzime
    a "mazzagna" of vegetables, and fresh tomato-basil sauce

    Stew of leeks, peas, asparagus, tender lettuce, mint

    Arugola Salad

    Dessert still to be decided

      1. April 20th- Celebrate the Passover holiday at Jar on Beverly Boulevard. Suzanne Tracht is cooking up a four course Passover meal sure to put your bubby’s to shame. The menu, which delicately balances tradition with a modern sensibility, includes dishes such as matzo ball soup with lemongrass and spring vegetables and home-baked macaroons. $100 for adults and $50 for children under 12. For reservations, call 323.655.6566.

        1. Spago for Puck's rendition of a seder

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            Poster noted that Spago was not in their price range.

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              my apologies, apparently i can't read.

          2. Koutoubia is (supposedly) offering a traditional Seder ...i say supposedly only because they did same thing last year, but then canceled it about a week beforehand due to lack of interest.


            1. I am looking for a restaurant for Passover. Called Spago and it sounds great but at $175 per person it's a little too steep for my entire family. Any suggestions for 2010? Thanks.

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                  Thanks, I made a reservation at Akasha and I will report back.

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                    I found Akasha's Passover menu from last year and it sounds great.

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                      My family is going to Akasha too Wienermobile....see you there!

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                        PASSOVER SEDER AT AKASHA 2010
                        Please join us for our annual Passover Seder at AKASHA
                        First Night of Passover, Monday March 29th
                        Guest Arrival: 5:30-6:00
                        Dinner & Traditional Short Service: 6:00
                        Tray Passed Appetizers on Matzo Crostini
                        Tuscan Style Chopped Liver
                        Moroccan Eggplant & Roasted Tomato
                        On the Table
                        Traditional Seder Plates
                        Market Beet Horseradish / Charoset with Market Dates & Walnuts
                        Hard Cooked Local Farm Eggs / Sea Salt Water
                        House wines or organic grape juice served during service
                        First Course
                        Sephardic Style Gefilte Fish / Tomato-Shallot Sauce
                        Wild Arugula & Radish Salad / Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette
                        Second Course
                        Matzo Ball Soup
                        Weiser Farms Carrots & Fresh Herbs
                        Third Course
                        Braised Chicken with Kennedy Farms Dried Plums & Apricots
                        Sephardic Potato & Leek Fritters
                        Rapini with Preserved Local Lemon
                        Fruits & Spirits Brisket
                        Local Honey, AKASHA Orange Marmalade & Brandy Sauce
                        Sephardic Potato & Leek Fritters
                        Rapini with Preserved Local Lemon
                        (Vegetarian option available)

                        Dinner Wines
                        Joseph Carr Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, 2008
                        Harmonia Pinot Noir, Willamettte, Oregon, 2007
                        Baileyana "Grand Firepeak Cuvee" Syrah, Edna Valley, 2006

                        Dessert-Served Family Style
                        Lemon Pistachio Cakes / Lemon Curd / Candied Kumquats
                        Chocolate Meringues / Almond Macaroons
                        Chocolate Chunk Brownies / Pudwill Farms Berries
                        Chocolate Covered Matzo Toffee Crunch

                        Dessert Wine
                        Baron Herzog Black Muscat

                        Adults, $75 / includes wines, & coffee or tea
                        Children under 12, $45.00
                        Sales tax & 20% gratuity is additional

              1. From an email I just got from Il Moro:

                "From March 29th to April 10th Il Moro will offer a Special Passover Menu in addition to our regular menu "

                email: ilmororestaurant@verizon.net
                phone: 310 575 3530
                web: http://www.ilmoro.com

                1. Angeli is doing their Passover dinner this year on Thursday April 1st 2010 at $45 per person.

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                    Angeli's Passover Menu 2010
                    Passover Dinner, Thursday the 1st of April

                    Family Style Seating 7pm $45pp

                    Long Cooked Eggs tinted with Onion Skins
                    Haroset of Dates, Oranges, Raisins, Nuts,Spices – Romaine
                    Hummus with Ground Lamb and Pine Nuts
                    Leek Croquettes
                    Passover Potato Fritters
                    Moroccan Fish Croquettes in Cinnamon Scented Tomato Sauce

                    Evan’s Pot Roast
                    Pollo Arrosto
                    Tortino di Azzime
                    a "mazzagna" of vegetables, and fresh tomato-basil sauce
                    Quinoa “Salad” with Spring Veg

                    Almond Berry Cream Cake

                  2. "Quasi-traditional preferred for the 93-year old grandma"

                    I would have suggested a shul where large Passover seders are prepared for people who don't want to cook.

                    1. Jar is doing a Seder Monday March 29th. $120 per person this year.

                        1. Delice Bistro is doing a Passover menu the first two nights.

                            1. This is Gelson's Market to go menu for 2010:
                              Traditional BBQ Chicken Passover Dinner
                              (serves 4) $59.99/ea
                              Available for:
                              2 Whole BBQ Rotisserie Chickens, Chicken Broth & Matzo Balls, Chopped Beef Liver with Egg, Potato Kugel, Tzimmes, Gefilte Fish with straight Horseradish, Charoses, Macaroon Cookies
                              Traditional Beef Brisket Passover Dinner
                              (serves 4) $59.99/ea
                              Available for:
                              2 1/2 pounds Beef Brisket with Julienne Vegetables & Gravy, Chicken Broth & Matzo Balls, Chopped Beef Liver with Egg, Potato Kugel, Tzimmes, Gefilte Fish with straight Horseradish, Charoses, Macaroon Cookie

                              1. A Passover dinner tasting at The Gorbals. For $65, guests can enjoy a 10 plate dinner with “Jewish size portions.” on Monday April 29th

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                                  "Jewish size portions.": certainly a new world concept.

                                  Then there's the old world saying (original in Yiddish) :
                                  "If a jew eats chicken, either the jew is sick or the chicken is sick"

                                2. Pinot Bistro in Sherman Oaks is doing Passover dinner on Monday the 29th for $50 per person.


                                  Pinot Bistro
                                  12969 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

                                  1. Does anyone know if Jerry's Deli offers a Passover menu?

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                                      Why on earth would anyone would want to get a seder dinner from Jerry's Deli? That would be asking if Taco Bell has a cinco de mayo menu.

                                      Jerry's Deli
                                      27533 Puerta Real, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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                                          Thanks...yeah, I might head to Art's. Not looking for a seder to go to, just a Passover menu. Factor's has one and is my preferred deli, but they close at 4pm tonight and tomorrow, so it looks like I'll be heading to Art's. Thanks!

                                      1. Anyone know anything about The Gorbals Passover Dinner? I hear it's 10 items but haven't heard what they are, or a price. I'm sure it's not autentic but probably really good...any details?

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                                          wienermobile what did you think of teh food at Akasha last night? Did you see Chef Ludo Lefebvre sitting at the bar?

                                          9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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                                            It was a wonderful evening. The food was great (especially that brisket with the Orange Marmalade & Brandy Sauce) and the atmosphere they set was warm and lovely. Akasha herself came over to our table to check on us and that Chocolate Covered Matzo Toffee Crunch was incredible. Tell me what you thought?

                                            9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

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                                              i agree that the brisket was great, as was the chopped liver. I felt that the chicken was flat, as were the leek and potato pancakes. The wait staff was very friendly and happy to fulfill any request that we gave.

                                              I make what i call Matzo Crack, which i think is better than what was served. He flourless chocolate brownie bites were Wonderful.

                                              We were 30 people. This was the first time we were not at my mom's for seder and we all thought it was a nice evening.

                                              Would have loved to have had some of the chopped lived on some matza today for lunch :-)