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Mar 30, 2008 04:58 PM

Restaurants offering a Passover menu?

Despite my porcine chowname, I need to find a restaurant offering a Passover dinner for Saturday, April 19... Doesn't need to be kosher and offer the whole seder aspect, just some place with a set menu and sadly no bread... Quasi-traditional preferred for the 93-year old grandma... Unfortunately Spago is out of my price range and don't know of any other places offering anything (and don't want to end up at a boring old deli - if they are even open)... Suggestions?

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  1. Angeli Caffe. We went one year and really enjoyed. Not sure why it's on Tuesday though.

    (not a seder)
    Tuesday, April 22
    7pm seating - served at long tables family style
    call for reservations 323 936 9086
    credit card number essential to hold reservation

    Long Cooked Eggs tinted with Onion Skins
    Haroset of Dates, Oranges, Raisins, Nuts,Spices - Romaine

    Leek Croquettes

    Pesce en Carpione
    Sauteed White Fish marinated w/caramelized onions in a mustard-champagne

    Chicken Soup w/Chicken Dumplings and Matzo Balls

    Evan’s Pot Roast
    Pollo Arrosto
    Garlic, rosemary, lemon chicken on the bone

    Tortino di Azzime
    a "mazzagna" of vegetables, and fresh tomato-basil sauce

    Stew of leeks, peas, asparagus, tender lettuce, mint

    Arugola Salad

    Dessert still to be decided

      1. April 20th- Celebrate the Passover holiday at Jar on Beverly Boulevard. Suzanne Tracht is cooking up a four course Passover meal sure to put your bubby’s to shame. The menu, which delicately balances tradition with a modern sensibility, includes dishes such as matzo ball soup with lemongrass and spring vegetables and home-baked macaroons. $100 for adults and $50 for children under 12. For reservations, call 323.655.6566.

        1. Spago for Puck's rendition of a seder

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            Poster noted that Spago was not in their price range.

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              my apologies, apparently i can't read.

          2. Koutoubia is (supposedly) offering a traditional Seder ...i say supposedly only because they did same thing last year, but then canceled it about a week beforehand due to lack of interest.