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Mar 30, 2008 04:56 PM

fun things to do with leftover polenta.

i had leftover skirt steak and leftover polenta today. i heated the skirt steak in a covered, ceramic vessel in a 350 oven for 20 minutes or so. pretty typical. more fun was slicing the leftover polenta into strips a quarter-inch thick, smothering them top and bottom with evoo and broiling them for 20 minutes or so. i heard this technique on tv. i assume it's pretty common. just never tried it myself. mercy. the gorgonzola polenta came out golden brown, puffed, crispy and mighty tasty.

how do you guys deal with leftover polenta? really anxious to learn new techniques.

thanks in advance.

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  1. a delicious salad we had recently at a take out counter was kind of a twist on panzanella, but had cubed polenta (instead of stale bread cubes), chicken and veggies. it was really good and would be great using broiled cubes, as you described in your post.

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    1. I try and coincide left over polenta with leftover homemade red sauce...use chunks of polenta, smother in sauce, place smoked gouda slice over polenta, shredded chicken and maybe some other shredded cheese - bake. Finished with fresh cilantro= YUM!

      1. I tend to like a rather loose polenta, so my leftover strategy is to blob the loose porridge onto a sheet pan and chill them - checking in the chilling to make the blobs into patties. Leave to chill. (Freeze, if you wish.) If frozen, leave overnight. Thawed or new, plop into olive oil at a shimmer and cook to a good crust; flip, and do the same on this side. With Bolognese, delicious, with a mushroom sauce, the same. With lemon zest/juice and (whatever) herbs and a grating of hard cheese, also wonderful. Think in terms of croquettes.


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          I do something similar, except I deep fry the polenta patties and eat them with aioli.

        2. Top with fried eggs! That totally rocks.

          I also make a gravy with mushrooms, chicken and sage to top polenta.

          1. RR made polenta cups in cupcake pans, topped each cup with a raw egg and baked it. napped with sauce and some chopped sausage and cheese for a buffet item. IIRC

            sounds good.

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              Polenta cups with eggs and saugsage baked together??? I want to marry you. Yikes, awesome concept!

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                No, we both want to marry Rachael Ray :) I wonder if it was her original concept?