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Dining between Flag and Moab

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This is a shot in the dark, but I'll try anyway. I do the drive between Flagstaff and Moab quite often. Does anybody know of any worthy or even semi-worthy places to eat in any of the towns on the way (Tuba City, Kayenta, Mexican Hat, Blanding, Bluff, Monticello). I tend to avoid pizza and burgers, but given the few options on this route I could make an exception to this. My inclination is that I should just bring food from home, but if anyone knows anything different please let me know.

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  1. If you do the drive often, you certainly are aware of the gustatory limitations. We tend to stop in Mexican Hat because of the gorgeous setting and/or in Tuba City to support the locals. It's always a fuel stop, not a dining experience.

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      Having done that drive 4 times in the last year, I was wondering if anyone has tried Twin Rocks in Bluff, UT? There are always cars out from and it looks interesting. I did an overnight in Kayenta and the diner choices according to the person running my motel was the Holiday Inn or the Hampton Inn. So I had to chose between BK or Mickey D's.

    2. I'm about to depart on this trip so I'd thought I'd do a last-minute bump to see if I get lucky. Help me out Hounds.

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        I don't imagine there's been a big culinary improvement along this stretch in the last six weeks.

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          point taken