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Mar 30, 2008 03:53 PM

Best Baltimore Restaurants NOT downtown

I'm looking for some suggestions for great restaurants (breakfast lunch and dinner) within a 1/2 hour radius or so of Owings Mills that are NOT in the city. In particular, I'm looking for a really good Italian restaurant. I grew up in an area with awesome Italian food and just can't find it here. In general, what do you think are the best places in the area? The immediate Owings Mills area is terrible for restaurants!

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  1. Have you tried Mia Carolina in Glyndon ?...very close to Owings Mills...excellent Italian food, recently remodeled and I think very reasonable price wise. I've been there a number of times...never been disappointed.

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      Yes, we've been to Mia Carolina. That's the best Italian I've found in the area. We go there frequently but would like to find another place we like for a bit of variety.

    2. for basic red sauce italian Pasta Blitz in Timonium is good. Also Ciao! in the Quarry on Greenspring is pretty good. For Mexican food MariLunas in Pikesville is good.

      Mari Luna's Mexican Grill
      102 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

      Pasta Blitz of Timonium
      49 W Aylesbury Rd, Lutherville Timonium, MD 21093

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        somehow this one is missing

        Caio Pizzaria at Quarry Lake
        2620 Quarry Lake Dr, Baltimore, MD 21209

      2. What about Edo Sushi on Owings Mills Blvd? They have about 4 locations - I believe two are in the Owings Mills area, one in Timonium and the other in downtown Baltimore. My Fiance likes the one on Owings Mills Blvd the best. We have tried both the one on Owings Mills Blvd and the one in Timonium and I loved them both - fresh fish, good service and not that expensive for what you get. We also liked Mari Luna but I'm not sure if there is a wait for a table.

        1. There are no "REALLY" good Italian restaurants in the area. There aren't any "really" good restaurants in the city in Little Italy either for that matter. In the City, Sotto Sopra is quite good and the word on Cindy Wolf's new place (Cianghiale) is also pretty good but they're both in the City.
          In the Owings Mills area you have a branch of Liberatores which is sort of passable and there's Artful Gourmet where you can find a decent dish or two. As for "awesome"? ..fuggggadaboudit!!

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            I agree with Michael. There is a new place in Pikesville called Pasticcio or something like that. It's where Strapazza used to be at the Alley Shops. It's fairly good and reasonably priced. However Sotto Sopra is the definite place for upscale Italian...even though it's in Mt. Vernon. Sadly, nothing strikes my fancy in the Northwest suburbs that could remotely pass for "awesome Italian".