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Mar 30, 2008 03:38 PM

Cemitas in the DF

Can anyone tell me where to get Cemitas in Mexico City? I am living in the DF now, and don't want to go all the way to Puebla for a good cemita! Thanks!

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  1. There is a very good place in Colonia Roma, on Merida street, but i can't remember the name or exact location (it's close to calle Tabasco). They have traditional cemitas and lovely aguas frescas.

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      That's north a few blocks of Av Alvaroo Obregon?

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        mmm. Thank you so much. I found it. The place is called something like "Tortas de Puebla" and is just about on the corner of Tabasco con Merida. It was delicious- not as good as Puebla, but still delicious. Thanks!

      2. There cemitas, and then there are cemitas - as you probably know, not all are created with the same ingredients (meat). A very small sandwich place I stop at when I want a cemitas sandwich is at the N.E. corner of Ayuntamiento and Dolores - opposite Plaza de San Juan; I don't recall the name, but I believe only cemitas are served. It's adjacent to an Europea liquor store, a "hole in the wall" where your sandwich is passed over a counter and you eat while standing on the corner (or take it away with you). I've decided I don't like the sandwiches served here - in comparison to a favorite place of mine which served them but which is now closed, but my dislike may be for reasons not be shared by others. So if you're near Mercado San Juan, Eje Central, Bellas Artes or Chinatown, why not stop and give it a try and judge for yourself.