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Mar 30, 2008 03:22 PM

Simple French restaurants in OC?

Sure I know about Marche Moderne, Pascal's, and Pinot Provence. But there are times when I want a simple bistro meal such as you can get at Mimosa in L.A. Is there any such thing in as a simple bistro/brasserie in OC, especially southern OC?

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  1. Probably the closest you are going to get to an authentic simple, casual French Bistro is a restaurant called Pescado Bistro in Newport Beach. It is on the Peninsula.

    The owners and chef are from France.

    1. L'Hirondelle in San Juan Capistrano. Very good food, quaint little dining room, good service, decent wine list, solid execution.

      1. The two I would reccomend (both in Dana Point)

        Gemmell's in the Harbor -
        Bonjour Cafe -

        1. There's alway Pleasant Peasant, over by John Wayne. More bistro than brasserie.

          1. Not strictly French, but have you considered Black Sheep Bistro in Tustin ?

            They do a cassoulet that is really really good (for example). And there wine list is chock full of good French wines from Sud and Provence and the Rhone and well-priced.