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Mar 30, 2008 02:57 PM

Skirt steak in Detroit Metro

Hola. Just back from Mexico and want to recreate the arrachera I had. Is there any place in metro Detroit(Farmington, W. Bloomfield, Novi, Northville, etc.) where I can purchase beef skirt steak? Gracias

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  1. Don't know about skirt steak but you can reliably buy flatiron steak at Krogers. They are apparently very similar.

    1. Sparrow Meat Market in Ann Arbor (Kerrytown) carries it - grass fed. I know that some folks might replace skirt steak with flatiron steak; skirt steak is from the belly, where a flatiron steak is from the shoulder.

      1. Your going to want to visit the Honey Bee Market or E & L market in mexicantown for the real deal !

        E & L Meats
        6000 W Vernor Hwy
        Detroit, MI 48209
        (313) 554-2140

        Honey Bee Market
        443 Bagley St
        Detroit, MI 48216
        (313) 237-0295

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          Yes bigcab ! La Colmena has expanded bigtime ! The Honey Bee rocks ! About once a month I drive away from , and past , many great markets to go to La Colmena . What a market , the only place I know of where you can buy an unordered pigs head , year round . We should all support this market and all the hard work that goes on with making such an enterprise successful . Plus , Los Galanes is right down the street . Mmmm...

        2. Papa Joes on Woodward-Birmingham.
          Nino Salvaggios on Middlebet-Farmington Hills

          1. I'd second Nino Salvaggios on Middlebelt in Farmington Hills if you're looking in the western suburbs.