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Mar 30, 2008 02:45 PM

25 Arizona Places to Eat

Arizona Highways, April 08 issue, has 25 of their favorite places from around the state listed. I have tried to list them by general area and I wonder where you would plan a stop if your drive took you by one of the ones on the list?

Phoenix Area
Binkley’s, Cave Creek
Lon’s at the Hermosa, Paradise Valley
Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix
House of Tricks, Tempe
Rancho de los Caballeros, Wickenburg

Tucson area (and South)
Cafe Roka, Bisbee
Velvet Elvis Pizza Company, Patagonia
Feast, Tucson
Dot’s Diner, Bisbee

Flagstaff Area (places north of Phx)
Pinon Bistro, Cottonwood
Brix, Flagstaff
El Tover, Grand Canyon
Flatiron Cafe, Jerome
The Dam Bar and Grille, Page
Bin 239, Prescott
L’Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek, Sedona
Plaza Restaurant, Willcox
Red Raven Restaurant, Williams
the Turquiose Room, Winslow

Mountains east of Phx
Kelly’s Broad Street Brewery, Globe
Rendezvous Diner, Greer
El Rancho, Payson
Charlie Clark’s Steakhouse, Pinetop

West side of state along CO River
Mattina’s Risotante Italiano, Kingman
Cha-Bones, Lake Havasu City
Lutes Casino, Yuma

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. A couple of ommissions:

      Kai in Chandler is probably as good as anyplace on this list. The menu is unique, the food is exquisitely presented, and the service is second to none.

      In my neck of the woods, Flagstaff, The Cottage Place serves up the best food. Sorry Brix. The menu at Cottage is not the most thought-provoking, but the food and service is the best in town.

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      1. re: climberdoc

        We were seriously underwhelmed by Brix.

        1. re: Claudette

          We were as well especially given the press its received.

      2. I'd want to find a place for Cafe Poca Cosa in Rucson and Delux in Phoenix.

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        1. re: lawyerbriefs

          I checked out the menu for Feast in Tucson; looks good, but can you eat there or is it strictly take-out?

          1. re: anewton

            Eat in or take out. They also cater; we used them for a 50 person party on March 1 and they catered my 50th B-Day party for 80 last fall. Great food, and the easiest caterer I've ever dealt with.

            P.S. They usually have the Vosges bacon bars in stock.

        2. To recommend Lutes in Yuma is a huge joke - or worse an insult. It is kindof an old-school touristy bar. The food isn't horrible, but it is just bar food and almost no one would go there just for the eats. In particular, visitors usually end up ordering a burger/hot dog combo about which reports are uniformly negative.

          To imply that this mediocre spot is the only place worth eating at in Yuma disgusts me. Obviously the writer is clueless about this corner of state and probably hasn't set foot in town in decades. Based on this one example, I would probably avoid any of the places recommended.

          Los Manjares de Pepe's, now that's a place worthy of listing.