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Mar 30, 2008 02:35 PM

Where are the Pilsners?

Whenever I'm in a bar I ask if they have any Pilsners and the
answer is always no. Once in a while if I'm lucky they have Labatts (what I
tend to drink at home along with Miller). Miller seems to be the closest
thing to a Pils that you can get in a bar here.
Why no Pilsners?

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  1. Pilsner is a variety of lager, Miller and Labatts are lagers but definitely not pilsners. Pilsner uses specific kinds of malt and hops to get its distinctive flavor profile. Corn and rice, adjuncts commonly used in industrial light lagers such as those made by Miller and Labatts, are not ingredients in a bona-fide pilsner. Pilsner also has a noticeable hop flavor, something completely absent from Miller and Labatts.

    1. To actually answer your question we are in a big beer age and open derision of pilsner and other pale lager has been fully embraced as "keeping it real" in much of the craft beer community. I too love pils and would love to see more (but it may take a while).

      1. Where do you live, and what pilsner beers do you like?

        1. Probably the most common one I've seen is Pilsner Urquell, which is not too hard to find in bars - though usually in bottles, and since it comes in green bottles there's a risk of skunking.

          1. I'm lucky that my local beer bar has the following on tap in regular rotation:

            Pilsner Urquell
            Paulaner Pils
            Slyfox Pikeland
            Victory Prima
            and Thomas Hooker Munich Style Golden Lager (not technically a Pils but what a beer!)

            I would love to see more stuff from Czech Republic but I figure it must be difficult for them.

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            1. re: Chinon00

              Staropramen is another one from the Czech republic. I like it better the Urquell.

              1. re: dosteov

                I'm drinking a Vyskovske Pivo right now.

              2. re: Chinon00

                Can you believe that Budvar had to rename its beer to Çekvar -- so as to not "confuse" it with Budweiser "beer". Ridiculous.

                I envy your choice of available Pilsners... then again, headed to Germany in a week, the land of Pilsner :-D