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Mar 30, 2008 12:51 PM

Beacon Hill burrito war

I've recently had burritos from both Viva Burrito (Staniford Street) and Villa Mexico (Cambridge Street, aka the "gas station mexican").

I had chicken burritos at both to keep things even. Villa Mexico came out on top with a more distinctive, flavorful sauce. However, I still think Viva Burrito serves an excellent "traditional Americanized" burrito, with good stuff that really hits the spot. Viva B also has an excellent guacamole (did not try Villa M's guac).

Villa Mexico's salsa was WAY superior to Viva Burrito's. Viva B's salsa was good and fresh, but Villa M's salsa literally transported me back to Mexico.

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  1. IMO, villa mexico is hands down better in every direct comparison - *except* if you're in a rush or have a few people with you. Their flavors are definitely better, and as you note the salsa is outo f this world.

    Annas looks like they're getting ready to open soon, that'll be yet another option.

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    1. re: jgg13

      Where is Anna's opening in that area? It will be good to have more choices.

      1. re: AnnieP

        Right next to the video store on cambridge street, roughly across from the holiday inn.

          1. re: Fenway_Frank

            Not I, although I noticed they have signage and such inside, and a menu posted outside. OTOH, the interior didn't look "all systems go" either. As a rough guess, I'd say a month or two?

            1. re: jgg13

              Heh. It has looked like it is in the "month or two" stage for almost a year!

              1. re: Alcachofa

                Fair 'nuff - I didn't even realize it was being built there until recently (I work on the other side of the street and tend to walk on my side until I exactly need to cross (Hill, Venice, Villa Mexico, Podima, etc)). It looked like they were getting close, but to be fair, I have no sense of how long its looked like that.

    2. I agree with this assessment: Viva ain't bad, but Villa is really nice, especially the salsas.

      Does anyone else find it odd that Villa Mexico puts lettuce in its burritos by default? I now know to specify "Hold the lettuce", but I'm not used to that.

      1. Finally made it to Villa Mexico, most recently last Friday. Love the burritos-very fresh ingredients and whatever they use for marinating the meat is good. Chose the guacamole over the salsa and was very disappointed. The guac had a glue-like consistency. Next time it'll be the salsa!

        1. Not sure what they call it, salsa, or a mole, but they put a thick brown sauce in the burritos at Villa Mexico that is unbeleivably flavorful. Just have to make sure to say hold the lettuce and you get a near perfect burrito experience

          1. Went to Villa Mexico yesterday and ordered the Mole Poblano Burrito and it was excellent. The Shell was perfectly fresh and crisp, and the Mole Sauce was very tasty. Great little find that I would have never tried if it where not for CH. It will definitely be in the regular rotation for my Pre Whole Foods shopping nights!

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            1. re: Matt H

              Just wanted to note (since I got back from Villa Mexico about an hour ago) that the new guy doesn't seem to make them as well as the woman does. This was even more true today (when the woman wasn't even there).