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Mar 30, 2008 12:44 PM

Looking for El Salvadorian food in the Valley

Any suggestions of where to get El Salvadorian food in the Valley?

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    1. Assuming you mean the San Fernando Valley and not the San Gabriel Valley, I like Pupuseria del Valle on Victory in Burbank.

      1. San Fernando Valley. We live in Porter Ranch. Anything near there?

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        1. re: sparklegem

          We also live in Porter Ranch and have accepted that we need to drive to get good food although there are some decent (not outstanding) local places/things we eat.

          There is a Salvadorean place at Tampa and Roscoe that was pretty good when we tried it about 18 months ago.

          1. re: Heidi

            I think that I discovered you El Salvadorian restaurant by accident. Is it called Belen? I was there last week and it is was terrific! Excellent pupusa and had the plate of the day. Oh! And the banana bread was out of this world!! It was similar to pound cake. It had carmelized plantains on top. The owner was super nice and helpful!! It will be a regular stop for us.

        2. In Van Nuys there are Metapan, Mi Ranchito, and Mi Casita for your El Salvadorean needs.