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Mar 30, 2008 10:45 AM

I won the fantasy hockey what?

Ok, so I just won $200 in my office fantasy hockey pool. As a nice reward for my gf who put up with me checking it over & over this long winter, I think the money will be best spent on a great night out for dinner. We both love eating out and we like trying new places all the time. My questions is - which of the following places do you think would be best to have this night out? I have read great reviews of all of the following restaurants, but have been to none of them yet::

*Globe Bistro

In the past little while, we have had great meals at Five Doors North, Harbord 93, Mirabelle, Quince, Zee Grill, Chiado, Starfish, Mezzetta, Tabule, & Julies Cuban

We love a great atmosphere, unpretentious service, and most of all, great food. GF mentioned she wants oysters. We have been to Starfish twice and loved it, however we like trying new places. Both of us have not been to Oyster Boy, I have been to Rodneys and she has those two places are in the running as well.

I just want to see what the the hungry people think is a great choice right now. Some places get hype, then go downhill, some are always consistant in food and service. What would your choice be if $200 fell in your lap?

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  1. I must say that I favour the list of restaurants you've already visited, compared to that of your possibilities. Along the same lines as what you've already tried, I'd recommend The Rosebud. Of what you have up there already, and what you're looking for, I'd say Globe, L'Unita, and Harlem, in that order. Depending on how hungry and thirsty you are, Globe could break the $200 mark, so you might also want to take that into account.

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      I've been to (and enjoyed) a number of the restaurants on your "been there" list, but on your as-yet-untried list, I've only visited L'Unita, so I can't give you a fully educated opinion. Had a great meal at L'Unita and the ambiance was nice, but I think SO and I both preferred Rosebud (as recommended by dlw88) hands-down. It's our new favourite find. If you're in the mood for perfectly prepared, super-delicious, comfort food, in a cozy-romantic restaurant with great, friendly service, Rosebud's a great pick (no oysters, though).

      1. Out of your list of possiblities I would choose Globe. They have a great menu, and we've had great service there. Was confident enough to take the parents with us last time and had a great dinner.

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          I would also go Globe Bistro. My favourite in the city. So far every meal I've had is better than the one before and I loved my first dinner there.

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            Has Globe changed their menu recently? I remember looking at in on-line and if memory serves me right, they had both a tapas type menu and a normal dinner type menu. Now it looks like they have a straight up app and entre menu.

        2. I haven’t tried Harlem or Delux, so can’t comment there.
          Have also been to many of your current favourites, and L’Unita and Batifole fit the profile most closely. Both are relatively casual although L’Unita is more pretentious – and has a batch of tables for two along a corridor leading to the kitchen. This could be regarded as ‘romantic’ if you’re into gazing into each others eyes; or Yonge/Bloor subway stop in terms of the number of servers rushing through in both directions!
          Cowbell & Foxley require a fairly long trek, and frankly aren’t any better than your current places. Especially Foxley, which doesn’t take reservations!
          Globe is a touch above (think Chiado relative to your other favourites), and is a little more formal. It’s the only one on your projected list that’s “worth a detour” – all the others are really local places.
          I also note the admiration elsewhere for Rosebud. Sorry, just don’t get it. Competent maybe. But I’d rank it behind everything else (except Foxley).
          And if you want to be super-trendy – the current buzz is all about Nyood. Become beautiful people for the night with pretty good food too. And a better winelist than most (Incidentally, if that’s a factor, Globe is certainly the best choice on your list).

          1. I just ate at Delux. It was really good.

            They have a lovely 6 Oysters appetizer. Duck Confit was nice, Braised Lamb was sublime. Nice wine list - $6 glass of Barbabelle.

            You'll have trouble spending $200 for 2 people :)

            Ask for a booth, the tables for two are kind of squished together.

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              I've been to Oyster Boy a couple of times and while the oysters are great, I found the main courses uninspired. The service was pretty good and the "east coast" vibe is neat, but I would only go for my oyster and beer fix and not for dinner.