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Mar 30, 2008 10:36 AM

Marshall's Cheese

They are gone! Does anyone know what happened? Seems like Dobbs is feeling the effects of the recession.

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  1. Barbara closed at end of November. It was very sad for me, but not a surprise. Very hard to make it with a speciality shop like that. I very seldom saw another customer while I was there.

    That kind of shop in Dobbs Ferry faces a lot of disadvantages:
    Parking can be difficult,
    A good percentage of the more affluent residents (most likely to shop at a not-cheap cheese shop) take the train and don't get in till late, maybe likely to hit a cheese shop in lunch hour or Murrays at Grand Central.
    Because of the Hudson, you really only have potential out of town customers from 180 degrees, as opposed to 360 in Hartsdale or Bronxville.

    I REALLY miss Marshalls

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      Thanks for that, much appreciated. I miss Marshalls as well.