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Looking for El Yucateco Hot Sauce in Jersey!

Went over to a friend's house for a party and they served up some Lamb Biryani. On the table was this unassuming little bottle of Mexican Hot Sauce called El Yucateco, Kutbil-Ik version. Tasted great, provided a good amount of heat and good flavor [instead of drowning it in cayenne and vinegar (yuck)]

I asked them where they got it and they said the Shoprite on 130 in North Brunswick. I went to the Shoprite in East Windsor and whaddya know they don't have it. I was wondering if anyone here knew about the sauce as well as where I could find it.

Or if anyone can recommend any other good hot sauce that provides flavor and heat and is fairly priced, I'd appreciate it.


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  1. Have you tried looking in those vegetable stores? I know there is one on 130 right by Shoprite...I have never been to that one, but the one on Rt. 9 in Freehold carries a large assortment of Mexican grocery items. Maybe they have some there. I bought a hot sauce there one time, it was o.k., but I never bought it again.

    Good luck with your quest.

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      Hey Angelina, are you talking about the one in the Atlanta Bread Plaza? Then yes, I've been and they don't have it. Actually, they didn't have any Mexican hot sauces, which is a bit strange considering the fact that many patrons are Mexican and that unlike Freehold, there aren't really that many Mexican stores in Hightstown (To my opinion), aside from that Orquiedas Bakey and Rincon de Sabor.

      The Route 9 and 130 farmers market share many characteristics. One, they're both run by orientals. Two, the prices ain't bad. Three, they have pretty good peanut crisp.

      Route 18/E. Bruns is a bit of a stretch for me, but next time I'm in the area I'll get it. But I'm still looking for a local vendor. Nothing in Princeton/Windsor/Monroe that I know of.

      Anyone else got a closer rec? I was thinking Jamesburg, but there aren't that many Mexican stores there. Or perhaps there's a better sauce. I think Cholula is just intensified Tabasco, though the bottle is nice. Any others?

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        I'm sure it's too far for you to travel, but I know that they carry it at Juanito's Grocery on Monmouth St. in Red Bank. It's funny, they sell it for about $1.75 a bottle, but the boutique hot shop that used to be on White St. sold the same sauce for $4.99.

      2. http://www.mexgrocer.com/3116.html

        const-if you have trouble finding a local source, the link above takes you to an online supplier. Enjoy!

        1. I keep El Yucateco on my shelf at all times, both the verde and the rojo. Both are delicious. Have you tried Asian markets? Many times they carry Latino foods as well.

          1. Where are you located? The super shoprite on Rt 18 in East Brunswick has the whole selection. I was there this morning and picked up 3 bottles of the XXX hot as well as the smoked Chipolte $1.49 each

            1. Route 17 is where the International Liquidators and Food Warehouse is located in Lodi NJ. My dh just mentioned this is a local source.

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                I know its not in NJ but just across the river in New Hope PA there is a place called Suzies Hot sauce that carries everything and I mean everything hot. Take half a day and go. If you are like me, you'll end up spending a lot of cash and come home with everything one could want.

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                  thanks for the tip avidcook. Dh & I enjoy New Hope and plan to return late summer. I'll ck out Suzies Hot. Where is the store located exactly?

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                    Just one block passed the bridge on the left hand side.

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                        thanks equal & avid for the followup. The recipes on the site look interesting as well.

                2. Sounds like you're north of me, but I get it at La Escondida in Pleasantville NJ. It's a great Mexican restaurant & grocery.

                  1. There is a mexican bodega type store on Witherspoon St in Princeton, a few blocks from the hospital. You might check there.

                    1. most of the bodegas i have been in have this brand.... i would highly recommend cholula, louisiana gold, crystal(hometown favorite) as well as sriracha and sambal which you can actually find at some supermarkets. if the cayenne vinegar thing is a reference to tabasco sauce, you are missing out..... alot more there than just those two things.

                      1. Try the mexican grocery in the Trenton Farmers' Market. They've got a good selection of sauces (and are terribly friendly folks). If you can't find El Yucateco, try Cholula.

                        1. I just saw it at the Foodtown in Red Bank.

                          1. Try the ShopRite in Neptune. I think I've seen it there - all of the "International" foods are in a large room at the back of the store between the deli and fish counters.