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Mar 30, 2008 08:14 AM

Recs for a culinary student's parental visit?

Hey chowhounders. I'm a culinary student in Cambridge and am looking for some great places to go this weekend when my parents are in town...either here or in Boston. I've been to some great places (Oleana, Petit Robert) but am looking for somewhere new to take advantage of their 'generosity'. I'm thinking of EVOO for one night cause it's closeby, but any recs for the other? Hamersley's? Myers + Chang? Gargoyles?

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  1. or Central Kitchen? Rendezvous? Green Street?

    1. I see a lot of overlap between EVOO and Gargoyles and, to a lesser extent, Hammersley's, so perhaps something different?

      Depending upon the level of their "generosity" you could head to Clio for fancy Frenchish/MG, O Ya for delish sushi or Troquet to bust the wine budget, or Craigie St., Bistro very good French.

      1. I would avoid Myers & Chang, I didn't feel it was anything special. Not worth the price.

        I would suggest Salts. I believe they have a 7 course tasting menu for only $75.

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          Thanks so much to you both. Troquet looks really fun, and I actually have a gift certificate to Craigie St. so I'll already be trying that soon. Salts also looks like someplace I'd like to try...but now it looks like the parents will be treating my friends both nights so I'm gonna try and go for places a little less expensive/fancy...more because I don't wait my friends to feel awkward being treated. We're doing 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill on Saturday. Unsure about Friday... If it were JUST me and the parents I'd go for Troquet or Salts. Mmm.

        2. Check out hungry mother off of kendall square. Moderate pricing, very solid food, and a funky, upstart atmosphere.