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Mar 30, 2008 06:59 AM

Joe's Quarry in Tuckahoe comforts me...

After spending the past few months eating my way thru some of the most trendy and near-trendy restaurants from New York City to Boston, I was definately in the mood for some simple, down home comfort cooking without all the hype attached nor 'flavored foam' for that we made our way over to an old favorite, bustling Joe's Quarry Inn in Tuckahoe...Now I know that comfort dishes come in every 'language' and cuisine, but when we sat down in this cozy dining room and perused the pub menu it was like tonic for the eyes and mind for both of us...I understand that there is a new owning family and the original menu has been tweaked a bit with the addition of more Italian-American dishes along with a good dose of broccoli rabe...
We went for two of the basics this Saturday night: Butch's Bacon Cheeseburger with cheddar and all the trimmings...and me, I was lured to the 16 oz Prime Rib, apparently a weekend special here...hadn't had prime rib in a while.
While the small bar and dining room filled with chatter as the early evening wore on, we hunkered down on our meal...the burger was a tasty multi-layered specimen, plump and juicy, the fries crunchy, while my Prime Rib on the bone was delicious, prepared medium as ordered with sides of baked potato (with the add ons, of course) and gently sauteed broccoli with just a hit of garlic. Wonderful and tender all the way thru...
With their new seasonal deck on the way later this spring, the house Nantucket Dinner with lobster, clams, corn, potato and trimmings sounds good for a future meal. I was told they currently serve it on Tuesday evenings...Joe's is a 'safe haven' for this foodie and prices are quite reasonable too.

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  1. Actually, their outdoor deck was in operation last summer -- they had a wonderful fourth of July special, with a live band and were featuring the Nantucket Dinner as well as burgers and their usuals that day... I agree, its excellent comfort food for all!

    1. I go there a lot to relax after work and have a couple of beers. I know the guy who owns it, and used to hang out at the weekday bartenders old bar, Pat's of Eastchester. I guess you could say I'm a regular. I rarely eat though, even though I have a dish named after me. Last night the specials sounded interesting so I got the knockwurst and kraut w/ a side of mashed potatoes. It was great. Exactly what I wanted, true comfort food. The potatoes had little chunks in it, and I love that. Not that whipped stuff you usually get. My GF got the steak burrito, which was actually more of a Phill steak wrap. Also excellent.

      Some other foods of note. They have these chicken flautas occasionally on the appetizer specials. They are better than the best I've tasted at Mexican restaurants. Very light and served with a delicious dipping sauce. I'venever had the steak, but it looks great. Some of the sides are to die for. The spinach and broccoli rabe are served with heavy doses of garlic. Only order when with a true loved one, haha.

      The patio has been open on nice days, and just adds to the comfort. Should be a good summer!

      1. Have to say, their burgers are improving drmatically. I still haven't had it served medium rare yet, but the flavor had improved. Not sure why, but my burger there yesterday was great. The sweet potato fries were a nice side too!