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I was thinking of trying this restaurant on our trip, but saw so many screams of pain and rage on this and other sites (along with some positive reviews) that I decided to stay away. From the looks of the comments, it seems a temperamental, failure-prone kitchen. And the fact that they insist on an Italian language menu, in spite of the monumental inconvenience to customers and wait staff, does indicate a rather warped priority.

What is the latest take on this restaurant?

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  1. The menu thing was a minor obsticle in my dining there. the waitress will go through the whole thing for you anyway. I think the food is pretty good and a good deal. me and someone else each got an appetizer, pasta and a glass of wine each and it was only like 60 dollars. I'm going back.

    1. My opinion is don't let those things deter you. Go.

      Yes I think the menu thing is dumb. But I think the food is delicious.

      1. I went a year ago and thought it was good, just not as good as Apizz, not as warm and cozy..

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          have you been to Apizz recently (even in the last year?)? We've got a rez for Saturday (we're racing a Half Marathon the next day and were hoping for a good carb-up and I'd heard good things a long time ago...). The other spots we'd thought of were: Ama, Bar Stuzzichini, and I Sodi. But I don't care for Amatriciana sauce, so I'd thought no on Stuzzichini b/c their gnocchi has that sauce. Sorry for the rambling. Point is, will we like Apizz and is the gnocchi good there and are the pizzas? Thanks!

        2. I love it--have never had a bad experience there.

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            I don't really get the Italian menu--the wait staff just ends up translating it for everyone.

            That aside, I highly recommend it. Food across the board is very good, and the decor/atmosphere is fantastic. Last time I was there I had the Venison, which was spectacular.

          2. I went there just once and I was really disappointed, every dish was just average. I had the gnocchi which I found very heavy. I can't remember what my other 2 friends had, but I do remember been underwhelmed by the whole meal.

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              I adore Peasant. Have been there numerous times and most recently last week. I am always delighted by their delicous and most importantly consistently good food. My faves include the bocconcini an appetizer, spaghetti with clams, and the bread pudding dessert!

            2. Those of you that have been- how much would you expect to pay per person?

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                Take a look at the menu: http://www.peasantnyc.com/menu.htm
                Portions are big, and this isn't the type of place that you need to order a pasta as a primo--pastas are big enough to be a main course. I've usually been OK w/shared app and dessert and separate entrees, and even that can be too much food.

              2. I love Peasant, and always look forward to the next time. I haven't noticed any screams of pain and rage with regard to this restaurant, but I haven't been looking for them, either. I'd love to know what they were about.

                1. I also have only had good experiences at Peasant. I usually end up eating at the bar as they rarely seem to have tables available for walk-ins but the bar tenders are just as knowledgeable as the wait staff. The wine list is terrific value. I had a really nice (Sicilian?) white for $22 for the bottle if you can believe that. I was suspicious that the price was a typo so I asked and was told that the owner really liked this particular wine and it just happens to be cheap. One thing I don't like is their cocktails; too colorful and fruity.

                  1. One thing I have learned from this site.......take everything in with less than a grain of salt. Peasant serves some wonderful food and it's the type of place industry people go to when they have a day off. I would recommend you try it. I always enjoy the restaurant and anyone I have ever taken there feels the same.

                    1. Frank Bruni, the chief restaurant critic for the NY Times said that this is a restaurant that he recommended to his sister and which he personally enjoys. I'm sure you can Google the article which was in Diner's Journal of the NYTimes two or three months ago. The Italian only menu is never a problem because of the excellent descriptions given by the knowledgeable wait staff. Bottom line, the food is great, as is the atmosphere, decor and service. Really enjoyable. There is also a separate downstairs wine bar which is terrific. It's one of the best in the City.

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                        Yeah, I've always had great food at Peasant, though I agree the menu thing is silly. Have to try the suckling pig liver next time you go.

                      2. I'm also a big fan of peasant though I always go for the downstairs. My only complaint would be that they take my favorite dish-the goat lasagna-off the menu for summer...

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                          Oh no--that's one of my favorites as well. I'll have to see if I can squeeze in another meal before the menu change.