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Mar 30, 2008 05:26 AM


I was thinking of trying this restaurant on our trip, but saw so many screams of pain and rage on this and other sites (along with some positive reviews) that I decided to stay away. From the looks of the comments, it seems a temperamental, failure-prone kitchen. And the fact that they insist on an Italian language menu, in spite of the monumental inconvenience to customers and wait staff, does indicate a rather warped priority.

What is the latest take on this restaurant?

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  1. The menu thing was a minor obsticle in my dining there. the waitress will go through the whole thing for you anyway. I think the food is pretty good and a good deal. me and someone else each got an appetizer, pasta and a glass of wine each and it was only like 60 dollars. I'm going back.

    1. My opinion is don't let those things deter you. Go.

      Yes I think the menu thing is dumb. But I think the food is delicious.

      1. I went a year ago and thought it was good, just not as good as Apizz, not as warm and cozy..

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          have you been to Apizz recently (even in the last year?)? We've got a rez for Saturday (we're racing a Half Marathon the next day and were hoping for a good carb-up and I'd heard good things a long time ago...). The other spots we'd thought of were: Ama, Bar Stuzzichini, and I Sodi. But I don't care for Amatriciana sauce, so I'd thought no on Stuzzichini b/c their gnocchi has that sauce. Sorry for the rambling. Point is, will we like Apizz and is the gnocchi good there and are the pizzas? Thanks!

        2. I love it--have never had a bad experience there.

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            I don't really get the Italian menu--the wait staff just ends up translating it for everyone.

            That aside, I highly recommend it. Food across the board is very good, and the decor/atmosphere is fantastic. Last time I was there I had the Venison, which was spectacular.

          2. I went there just once and I was really disappointed, every dish was just average. I had the gnocchi which I found very heavy. I can't remember what my other 2 friends had, but I do remember been underwhelmed by the whole meal.

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              I adore Peasant. Have been there numerous times and most recently last week. I am always delighted by their delicous and most importantly consistently good food. My faves include the bocconcini an appetizer, spaghetti with clams, and the bread pudding dessert!