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Trader Joe's or Stew Leonard's?

I'm going to be driving back from the Berkshires to Queens.. We'll do a grocery run since we'll have a rental car and we can either swing by TJ's or Stew's. Which grocery store has better quality meat, organic products, produce? Please help! Thanks!

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  1. They are both good for different things.

    Stew's is good for most fresh products (meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, & baked goods) & Trader's has excellent pre-packaged foods of all kinds - they are both great places to visit but really for different items all-together.

    In my opinion if you are looking for meat, organic products, and produce - Stew's might be a better choice - you can find those types of items at Trader's but you would have a much bigger choice at Stew's.

        1. I like Trader Joe's, but it (well, the Scarsdale one anyway) has a really limited selection of produce and meat. Stew's is more of an ordeal, but they have a much larger selection. So, Stew's!

          1. As everyone else said, if you are looking to do grocery shopping, definitely Stew's. I like TJ's but to me it's more like a supplement to Stew's or a bigger grocery store, not for major shopping.

            1. We shop at both Stews and Trader Joe's, but if you're heading back to Queens with a car, why not make a slight detour and go to Fairway on 125th Street? We consider going there the ultimate foodie outing, and when we have the time, it's a trek well-worth making. Just continue down the HH Parkway and get off at 125th street. You'll see the parting lot straight ahead on your left...

              1. Stews for meat and fresh produce for sure. TJ's has great packaged stuff (like trail mix) and some yummy frozen stuff that works in a pinch (like the gyoza's and some frozen skillet dinners). I say do both! :)

                1. I would definitely swing by Stew Leonard's if you're going grocery shopping. They have a much bigger produce and meat department.

                  1. the best thing about Stews is the dairy. Great milk, butter, yogurts and creams. Much fresher than what you get at a normal grocery story, but still cheaper. Dairy is what makes this place so great. (the exception is the cheese as their stews labeled cheeses aren't made from their dairy farms. It's not bad, just not locally made like the rest of their dairy)

                    Better fresh fish selection than normal groceries too, and there's usually a few deals to be had (e.g., they had large shrimp there the other day for $4 a pound).

                    As someone else mentioned, Trader Joe's is best for pre-made stuff. Oh, and tri-tip beef roast, since it's the only place within 50 miles of here to get it. Get the unmarinated kind.

                    1. If you can only go to one, Stew's since it has more meat/fish choices, as well as baked goods, and great flowers. But you could easily stop at TJ's as well since it is just off exit 13 in Darien.