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Mar 30, 2008 02:24 AM

Food in Syria

I would be glad to offer suggestions for food, recipes, restaurants, etc. in Syria. I live in Lattakia, Syria.

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  1. The food in Syria is WONDERFUL. I could list out individual suggestions but I think it might be best to point everyone to this recent thread on Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree...probably the most chowish thread I've ever participated in there!

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      the best syrian street food i had was at the bus stop at Homs- ask for the chicken with labneh shawarma from the big food stall between the ticket counters and the platform where the buses come. delicious!

    2. Naranj in Damascus is a bit on the fancy side but great food.

      1. Do you have any recommendations for Aleppo?

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          Kebab bil-krayz -- that is, the Aleppine specialty of lamb kebab served in a seriously rich and tangy sauce made from local cherries. I have a very hard time figuring out just when the cherries are in season, but I *think* they should start coming in very soon. I know that the cherry season ends some time in late summer, and once it ends, cherry kebab ceases to exist until next year. You can hardly find this dish at all even in Damascus, so it will be worth your time to seek it out in Aleppo.

          1. re: elustaz

            Months late, but I absolutely agree. I was only in Aleppo a few days but managed to have the sour cherry kebabs for dinner twice! Attempted to then re-create at home but it was only OK...needed more practice but never got around to it.