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Mar 29, 2008 08:31 PM

Lunch Near Alhambra

Looking for lunch recommendations very near Alhambra, no more than a few minutes drive from Downtown Alhambra. I’m basically looking for places (not on Main St) where I can dine alone without looking lonesome or get food to go. Any sort of ethnic cuisine is fine and preferably under10 dollars. Something with parking would be great too. I need the close proximity because I am very pregnant and could go into labor at any time so I want to make sure I can get home quick! I’ve gone through a lot of the Alhambra threads and have some found some places that I have yet to try that look promising but I would love more suggestions.


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  1. Indo Kitchen

    Lovebird's Cafe

    Toros Sushi

    1. Congratz!

      Like go grinz down Alhambra town?" Try Shakas, yum yum.

      101 W. Main St. #C (Not really on Main but actually enter from First Street behind Starbucks Coffee)
      Alhambra, CA
      (626) 293-5520\

      My prior post

      1. I like Pho 79 on Fremont (I think it's on Fremont) and am female and have dined there alone numerous times without feeling conspicuous. Though when pregnant, they will be in a hurry to serve you so you don't go into labor there!!! That was my experience at most restaurants when I was 2 weeks overdue, waiting for baby, and eating 20 hours a day.

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          Would Golden Deli be too far? 710 W. Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel; (626) 282-6327 Cross street is Mission. Haven't been yet but intend to, maybe others can comment on when is the best time to go.

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            i think pho 79 is on garfield and main

            1. re: rickym13

              Yes! My favorite for Pho! On Garfield just south of Main, west side. Open at 9am. I always go by myself (at least once a week) and have never, ever felt self conscious. YUM!!

              1. re: WildSwede

                which pho do you get there? i really like the charbroiled pork pho

                1. re: rickym13

                  I stick with the Pho Tai. I do not eat the meat, but need it to flavor the broth - weird, I know. I always get the extra large size with less meat. They know me now so they don't think it is weird anymore. They also will bring me a small bowl of the broth since this is my favorite part of the whole thing. I also really like their spring rolls and Vietnamese ham Bahn Mi (it does not have pate on it). I have tried several other items as well, but cannot really get past the Pho. Lemongrass beef is really good, with the grilled onions. I will have to try the charbroiled pork pho - this weekend! ;-)
                  Ok, now I am craving pho and since Alhambra is too far for my lunch hour, Indochine it will be!

                  1. re: WildSwede

                    I used to go to Indochine but I hadfound the meat to be gamy on my last couple of visits. Too bad because it was convenient for me too. I'm going to have to get out to Alhambra for your recommendation!

                    1. re: Fru

                      Since I never eat the meat, that is not a problem for me (thank God!!)!! ;-) I just find that meat to be alltogether weird )at all Pho places) and have no interest in eating it. I am going to try Ricky's rec with the pork - that sounds tasty!!

                  2. re: rickym13

                    Hi again, Ricky. I went with your rec for the charbroiled pork pho at Pho 79 yesterday and it was PHENOMENAL!! The charred bits floating in the soup left that delicious charred flavor. Huge, deliciously charred pieces of pork in the regular pho style. WOW! What a treat for the mouth! I also ordered the Vietnamese Ham Bahn Mi and took some of the meat from the soup and added it to the sandwich. I was in sheer heaven! Thank you so much for steering me in a new direction, Ricky, one I never would have gone on by myself!! ;-)

                    1. re: WildSwede

                      glad you liked it. after talking about the jones for it and went last thursday with my wife and got the #37 :)

            2. Pho Superbowl on Las Tunas (by Vega). Pho tai is very good. Easy parking. Easy to get in and out. Here's some more info:

              Bacalli Rotisserie on Valley. Lots of dishes are really good here if you like Hong Kong-style food. Easy parking. Here's some more info:

              Pho 79 on Garfield and Main. The parking lot is in back. Usually, you don't need to worry about parking on the upper levels, but if it gets crowded, it might be a pain to climb stairs. Here's some more info:

              Golden Deli. The food is great, but you probably will end up parking pretty far away because there's not enough parking.