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Mar 29, 2008 08:28 PM

Vegas to Hoover Dam to South Rim?

Vegas - to Hoover Dam -to South Rim?
on the road with a teen - any suggestions for good "reigonal " food or places on the way and back? Thanks

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  1. I assume you'd be coming down US 93 to join I-40 Kingman. I don't know anything about eateries there, but I suppose there's something. Get off the Interstate every now and then and cruise along Historic Route 66. In Seligman, stop for a burger or an ice cream or a malt (or with a teenager, all of the above) at the Snow Cap Deli. Williams (where US 190 heads north to Grand Canyon NP) has several places to eat, but by and large, the fare is pretty standard.

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      Add Lilo's to the list of good places to eat in Seligman, especially breakfast. Portions are more than ample, and quality is very good. The owner is German, and cooks German meals in the evening. Never been there that time of day, but I suspect the German food would be good too.

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        Snow Cap Deli is definitely unique, fun for all ages!

        I'd love to hear more about Lilo's too.

        Westside Lilo's Cafe
        415 W Chino Ave, Seligman, AZ

    2. thanks all for the replies and ill let you know how it goes. Peace, Amy

      1. If you and your daughter are going to be in Vegas for a time, be sure to eat at Dick's Last Resort in the Excalibur Hotel. It's an experience you'll remember for years to come. My girlfriend and I went there a few weeks ago and were totally blown away with the antics of the wait staff as well as the looks on everyones face as the staff started chucking food around the place and made you wear a silly paper hat throughout the meal.

        It's a fun evening all around if your into that kind of thing.

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          thanks great timing buffetbuster!, its my Mom and Son- and yes they will have a last night in Vegas! I will put that on the "hit" list for the nightly call- they have stopped almost everywhere suggested - thanks chow folks!