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Mar 29, 2008 08:15 PM

New Vegan in Echo Park - Tantawan

Hi Chowhounders,

There is a new vegan place in Echo Park. I have tried the spicy eggplant and the orange chicken and it was pretty good for vegan food. A lot of the time these dishes don't have flavor without the meat - I'm not a vegan, but can't eat chicken, so it's nice to be able to get "orange chicken" every once in a while.

It's nice to be getting more options in this neighborhood. The lunch special is about $7.00 and you get a roll, salad & brown rice with it. Pretty good deal, and they deliver.

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  1. Could you give us a clue where it is? Is this the place on Sunset in the foot clinic building? There seem to be so many of these Thai vegan places lately!

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      Tantawan is in Echo Park at 1311 Glendale Blvd. just N. of Sunset in the space that used to be Pupuseria la Fogata. I used to like that pupuseria alot, but I'm glad another restaurant went into the space. Will check it out!

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        Just wanted update everyone that Tantawan is permanently closed. The space is being taken over by a new Thai restaurant. From the looks of the remodeling, it will probably be open soon.

    2. We have eaten at the 2 local vegan restaurants - Green Leaves on Hillhurst and
      Vegan House on Sunset near the foot clinic - and every time I have come away
      saying that the food didn't have much flavor. Tantawan's food has flavor!!!
      My favorites arethe orange chicken, the garlic pepper dish (with your choice of "meat")
      and the wonton soup.

      The people who work there have all been very nice and I really hope they can

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        This is my favorite in Echo Park. Yes it is in an ugly strip mall, yes you can barely see it. But it is simple, cheap, yummy food and vegan. I am not a vegetarian but I'd eat there everyday. Sweet staff. This is much better that Masa, that 15 on echo park Ave and the new Park on sunset. The former are overpriced for what they offer, some customers might be some yupppies that drove from the west etc. Love this little place.

      2. This is probably the best of the vegan restaurants in the area. The food is fresh and well prepared, not too oily. The Tantawan rolls are delicious, probably the best I've ever had that aren't homemade. We also shared the dumplings, twister noodles, and Tantawan glass noodle soup too...everything was very flavorful...I highly recommend it!

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          This is such a great place! Thanks so much for listing it here - we live in Mt. Washington, and this is definitely the closest vegan Thai restaurant to us. We used to go to Vegan Plate in Studio City and even Wheel of Life in Irvine for this type of food, but no more! Thank God - we can't afford the gas anymore.

          My husband had the terrific Vegan Slam Breakfast: huge, fluffy pancakes, a tofu scramble which tasted almost exactly like a Denver omelette and veggie bacon - it was HUGE. I had the Tantawan Rolls and spicy fried rice with veggie chicken - both were light, fresh and flavorful. It's a wonderful little place and so close. We're completely stoked about finding it. Thanks again!

        2. Tried this place last night and was not disappointed! I, too, often think that vegan food is flavorless, Tantawan is really delicious! I wouldn't say that the food is transcendent or incredibly exotic, but it is really satisfying and reasonable, to boot. For quite a bit of food (3 people) the bill was like $13-15 per person. Highlights were the Tantawan Rolls, 'Chicken' Satay and the Yellow Curry. Also, the waitstaff was really friendly and efficient. I hope they do well!