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Mar 29, 2008 07:41 PM

Best Hot Fudge Sundae On The West Side?

I live in Westchester and can't run up to Hollywood or Pasadena for a sundae. With gas prices so high, it would cost more to drive there than the cost of a good sundae!

Does anyone know of any place in either Westchester or El Segundo where one can treat kids to a really good Hot Fudge Sundae? I'm not talking about Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins. Isn't there any other place to go for a rich, chocolate dripping, fudgy treat?

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  1. It's a little bit further than you asked for, but not by much. I really like the hot fudge sundae's at Nichol's in the Marina. It's in the same shopping center with Jerry's Deli and Aunt Kizzy's just north of the 90 Frwy and east of Lincoln.

    Nichols Restaurant
    4375 Glencoe Ave
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
    (310) 823-2283

    1. Maybe not the rec you're looking for, BUT California Pizza Kitchen has AWESOME hot fudge sundaes, with warm, gooey, chewy, hot fudge sauce served in a massive goblet with whipped cream and a cherry (personally i prefer to sub oreo cookie crumbs for the nuts, but that's just me). If you really want overkill get the brownie sundae as the brownies are fantastic too.

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        I second the CPK Hot Fudge Sundaes.

        The other chain that has a great sundae is Cheesecake Factory. In the overkill category, the mud pie with chocolate fudge cake, ice cream, hot fudge, nuts, whipped cream, and a cherry is excellent. I prefer the ice cream desserts at Cheesecake Factory to the cheesecakes.

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          I'll have to third this rec! When I saw this post, CPK was the place I thought of's the best one, in my opinion, though I'm embarrassed to give a plug for such a corporate establishment. They use Haagen Dazs vanilla, plus an excellent hot fudge w/nuts and whipped cream...I love that it's not melted down a ton by the time they bring it to the table.

      2. The best one will be at home using C.C. Browns Hot Fudge. Just go to Lawry's in Beverly Hills and buy a case of four jars. Now you need the ice cream.

        1. i haven't had one at either - but it seems like something dinah's would be good at - or even maybe at the grinder?

          1. And yet another chain with a worthy brownie hot fudge sundae is the Daily Grill--your local branch is on Rosecrans in El Segundo (and also in the Bradley Terminal at LAX!). "Fresh Baked Fudge Brownie, Topped with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, Warm Caramel and Hot Fudge Sauce, Candied Pecans, Dusted with Powdered Sugar." This is a terrific if overwrought and expensive dessert, usually we find one (about $7.75) is enough for 2 people.


            And I still haven't been there, but posters keep raving about the Glacier Ice Cream on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach, and their website talks about "made from scratch hot fudge"; surely this would be worth a try?


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              Dommy! and I Both approve and we have been converting friends as fast as we can [It gives us an excuse to go].

              Try a Scoop of the Bing Cherry Vanilla with a Scoop of Death By Chocolate. It is to Die for.

              Take Care

              - P.