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Mar 29, 2008 07:16 PM

Russian Or Eastern European Stores In Sacramento

I am searching for Russian or Eastern European grocery stores and/or markets in Sacramento.

So far I am familiar with two but I am searching for more: Baryozka in Rocklin and Kolobok in Carmichael. I also heard a rumor there was a good one by the K-Mart on Stockton Blvd. in SE Sacramento but nobody said what the name or phone number was and all the posts are ancient history.

I am wondering if there are other places? Hopefully someone knows a few more.


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  1. Koreana Plaza in Rancho Cordova.

    1. There is a vigorous Russian community in West Sacramento. These were listed in the Sac Wiki pages under Russian groceries: I think you might find more in W. Sacto just by driving around.

      Ararat European Market & Bakery
      Europa Food Market (2955 West Capitol Avenue, westsacWest Sacramento)
      Odessa European Market and Bakery (7307 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael)

      1. There's an European market in the building next to Buggy Whip on Fulton. I can't find it on Yahoo yellow pages. It is on the west side of the street between El Camino and Marconi.

        Buggy Whip Restaurant
        2737 Fulton Ave Ste 208, Sacramento, CA 95821

        1. I think best Russian store is Old European Market in Antelope. There site is and i do believe they do have address on there site. It is in shopping center next to Winco food


          1. There are a few in N. Highlands, on Watt Ave. I think there is one next to the Russian restaurant, Stolichany (sp?). This in the McClellan area.