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Mar 29, 2008 06:53 PM

Sanibel Island--Need help

Leaving for Sanibel Island this Wednesday for 4 days.. Been there few years ago and need updates on where to eat and what to do. Staying at Sanibel Inn. Going with two grand kids aged 8 and 12, Fun places for them ?? All I remember is Cheeze Berger Cheeze burger.

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  1. Island Cow, Lazy Flamingo and the Bubble Room on Captiva all have decent food and a fun, family-friendly environment.

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      How about a place for seafood? My grand kids are not your average chicken fingers and hot dog kids.

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        Totally agree with Island Cow; the Bubble Room (in this family's opinion) has gone "tourist-trap" over the last 10 years or so and really isn't worth it.

      2. Timbers for great fresh seafood. Avoid the Bubble Room at all cost! Lazy Flamingo is a lunch favorite.

        1. i would say bubble room..BUBBLE BREAD is amazinggggg..i would go back just for bubble bread and a monster piece of red velvet cake UNBELEIVABLE!!..mmm cream cheese frosting perfectly ssweet and balanced cream cheesy taste and cake is moist and perfect...lasagna pretty good...i remember the wait being long so i would say take some bread and cake to not one for to go but these are two thinsg that taste are not effected by taking to you wont be disappointed

          1. Island Cow, Cheeburger,cheeburger, and RC Otters are favorites for families with children. Food is good to acceptable at all three.

            Bubble Room is ghastly. Grotesque portions (like Cheesecake Factory) of leaden desserts made with cream cheese and way too much sugar. Even my kids thought it too much when they were little. For some reason, people remember this place through rose colored filters. It is dirty and full of kitsch. It came to being around the time of TGI Fridays etc, so it is filled with eclectic toys and junk that are fun for kids to look at.

            Simple lunch can be done at Schnapper's Hots on Periwinkle. Great Buffalo style hot dogs, etc.

            Maybe Mezzaluna on Periwinkle. Italian food that appeals to kiddies. Pizzas, etc.

            Lazy Flamingo, the one at the Captiva end of the island (the original). They cook fish properly there. I love their oysters but that is not normally a kiddie treat.

            Good pancakes at Lighthouse at the east end of the island. An island tradition.

            LMF, who is out on Sanibel at least twice a month.

            1. We're going to Captiva in late May.

              Any other suggestions for Captiva or the West(North?)-end of Sanibel would be appreciated.

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                RC Otters is on Andy Rosse Lane on Captiva. Lazy Flamingo is in CapSan village. Keep your ordering to burgers and grouper fingers and The Mucky Duck is good. They usually have entertainment at sunset and it is festive. Cantina Captiva is getting good marks from people I know but I haven't been there yet. It is also on Andy Rosse Lane.


                I like the Captiva House restaurant at Tween Waters but it can be uneven. Not the greatest for children. You could take your kids to NasCrab at the Crow's Nest at Tween Waters. I haven't been for a long time, but I think they still do an early race. The later show used to be more "adult". <edit> I just looked at Trip Advisor and it had a very negative review of NasCrab for children. Just so you are aware. LMF

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                  No children with us, so that's not an issue.

                  Anyone been to the Green Flash or Sunset Seafood & Wine Bar?

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                    Heard Sunset Seafood & Wine Bar is pretty good but can't speak from experience.

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                      I've been to the Green Flash a few times. I don't think the food will blow your socks off or anything, but it's decent and reasonably priced...and the restaurant offers a nice bay view.

                      My two favorite spots on Sanibel for couples are the Mad Hatter (new American eclectic with a Gulf view) and Redfish Blufish for contemporary American tapas and a nice wine list (with many selections by the glass and half-glass). Both get pretty pricey.