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Chicken and Dumplings in DFW

I like Highland Park Cafeteria's chicken and dumplings. Small dumplings, real chicken! Does anyone have recommendations for other great C&D places?

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  1. Poor Richards in Plano aren't bad.

    1. I really like the C&D at Good Eats. They only serve them Tuesdays at lunch though. You might also check out Black Eyed Pea/Dixie House, I think they may serve them also.

      1. Mama's Daughter's Diner....they have a special menu for each day of the week , so they will only offer c&d one or two days a week .

        1. The chicken and dumplings at the Paris Coffee Shop is just like Mama used to make. You won't find the Paris on a tourist guide but what you will find is long lines of repeat customers waiting for a good home-style meals at this Texas friendly Fort Wort icon. The owner, Mike Smith, is onsite daily, In fact, Mike arrives at the restaurant around 4:00 AM each morning to make the not to be missed pies for the day.
          The New York times calls the service "classic Southern hospitality".
          The hours are: Mon-Fri 6am-2:30pm; Sat 6-11am

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            Actually, Paris was featured in Jane and Micheal Stern's Roadfood book.

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              Irony, you say they are not mentioned in a tourist guide, but then state that the New York times has reviewed them.

            2. The Mecca also has good chicken and dumplings.

              1. The Cracker Barrel use to serve good ones I haven't been in a long time so I am not sure if they still have them on the menu.

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                  Had some on my last trip, not very good.

                2. Arlington Steak House has excellent chicken and dumplings on their weekday lunches. ASH is certainly not an upscale place (think 50-60's style cafe) but it's been open for over 50 years and they have great chicken fried steak, plate lunches, and killer old-fashioned yeast rolls. 1724 W. Division St.

                  1. Vern's Place in Deep Ellum. They serve them on Mondays.

                    1. I've always enjoyed the chicken & dumplings with jalapeno cream sauce at Thomas Avenue Beverage Company in Uptown. Can be a bit salty at times, but consistently satisfying.

                      1. There has been a lot of talk but no description of dumplings, their consistency and what is Dallas or Texas dumplings.
                        My mom was a country girl who grew up near Austin; McDade to be exact. Ours were made from something akin to runny buttermilk biscuit dough or very thick buttermilk pancake batter.My mom would drop them into the pot from a big spoon, where they would float on the top. They were airy and light. So many places have chewy, gummy dumplings, that are more akin to pasta.
                        What kind are ya'll talkin' about? I think I remember my Bro saying Mecca's were pretty good.