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Mar 29, 2008 06:24 PM

Chicken and Dumplings in DFW

I like Highland Park Cafeteria's chicken and dumplings. Small dumplings, real chicken! Does anyone have recommendations for other great C&D places?

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  1. Poor Richards in Plano aren't bad.

    1. I really like the C&D at Good Eats. They only serve them Tuesdays at lunch though. You might also check out Black Eyed Pea/Dixie House, I think they may serve them also.

      1. Mama's Daughter's Diner....they have a special menu for each day of the week , so they will only offer c&d one or two days a week .

        1. The chicken and dumplings at the Paris Coffee Shop is just like Mama used to make. You won't find the Paris on a tourist guide but what you will find is long lines of repeat customers waiting for a good home-style meals at this Texas friendly Fort Wort icon. The owner, Mike Smith, is onsite daily, In fact, Mike arrives at the restaurant around 4:00 AM each morning to make the not to be missed pies for the day.
          The New York times calls the service "classic Southern hospitality".
          The hours are: Mon-Fri 6am-2:30pm; Sat 6-11am

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            Actually, Paris was featured in Jane and Micheal Stern's Roadfood book.

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              Irony, you say they are not mentioned in a tourist guide, but then state that the New York times has reviewed them.

            2. The Mecca also has good chicken and dumplings.