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Mar 29, 2008 06:23 PM

Hot or Cold/Greased or ungreased: Sponge/genoise issues

I just finished my second attempt at genoise...wouldn't say it was a sucess by any sense of the word, but i feel i'm getting closer.

I'm getting mixed messages from all the recipes i've read regarding this question. Cooks illustrated 1995 Grand Marnier Cake with Neoclassic Orange Buttercream says immediately, but later in BakingIllustrated, they state that the cake should be allowed to cool in pan.BTW :Baking Illustrated's sponge is made in a springform.

..Gourmet's recipe is ambiguous...For my first attempt, i allowed the cake to cool completely in pan...the result was a very crumbly outside. For my next attempt, i inverted the very hot cakepan onto a sprayed cooling rack and had major side stickage issues.

Anyone want to clue me in as to what works for them?

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  1. Have you been to baking911? It has the most comprehensive information:

    I've done both, removed when cold and immediately but follow the recipe instructions. For the most part, when I make a sponge cake, it's for a roll so I roll it hot.

    1. If you could find a Cooks Magazine, May/June, 1981 there is an excellent article by Rose Levy Beranbaum...."Understanding Genoise". Perhaps a public library, nearby, could be of help. In this article she does mention that there is some shrinkage to be expected...a lot depending on the of recipe you use.

      I allow the cake to cool in pan for about 10 minutes before turning it out. Never had any trouble of it sticking to the pan nor cooling rack!

      If I had a way, would send you a copy of the piece, but do hesitate about posting it due to infringement laws.

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      1. what is your pan prep?

        My recipes for both springform and jelly roll pans call for butter and crumbs then parchment. The cakes are always removed from the pans while still warm and inverted onto a tea towel. (For round pan. run a sharp knife around edge first) No stickage issues recalled.

        1. Well, I finally found a recipe that works as it should, Flo Braker's "classic genoise". I buttered, but did not flour, my 8 inch cake pan and allowed to to cool enough to handle, though still warm. Lots of height and easy to remove from pan. Thank the lord, as this is my 4th cake in 3 days and the only one worth finishing with ganache.

          1. spray, paper, spray, let cool a bit and invert onto rack.eta turn back over on parchement to cool completely