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Mar 29, 2008 06:20 PM

Takeout for 6:30pm Amtrak trip PDX to SEA

Going to spend a Saturday in PDX visiting the Portland Art Museum. Arriving 11am planning on lunch at Heathman (alternate sugestions welcome). Train back to SEA leaves at 6:30 pm. Is there someplace downtown or in the Pearl where we could pickup food appropriate for the train back.


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  1. What road trip would be complete without a roach-coach?

    1. Kenny and Zukes has great takeout options. A fresh baked bagel or bialy with chicken salad (or chopped chicken liver, or egg salad) makes a wonderful train snack. They also have sides (cole slaw, potato salad) and tasty baked goods for dessert. I did this exact thing a couple of months ago on my train ride back to SEA from PDX. Much better than anything you can purchase on the train, and reasonably priced.

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        I've found that their reuben travels better than the plain pastrami (the russian dressing helps to keep the sandwich from drying out).