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Mar 29, 2008 05:57 PM

Planet Organic - now open in Thornhill

Just drove by the brand new Planet Organic which opened on Bathurst, North of Steeles (at New Westminster Drive, same strip mass as the Shoppers Drug Mart). I fondly remembered their good selection of items while vacationing in California... with slightly higher prices as well. Hopefully the one here isn't too pricey... I guess Ambrosia isn't too far away either.

Here's their details:

8020 Bathurst Street
Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0B8

Monday - Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9 am to 7 pm

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  1. VERY expensive. i would only go there to buy stuff on sale. i wouldn't buy the basics there -i would stick to ambrosia or even better is qi (there's one on eglinton/allen, one on bloor/christie & one on roncesvalles) the prepared food samples i tasted were actually very good. the produce section is pretty small & limited. it is a pretty store if not poorly laid out. i found the aisles a little hard to navigate.
    i was really hoping planet organic would lean more towards an organic garage type plase than a whole foods wannabe type place.

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    1. re: todc1996

      I wish them well in this new location. I have gone to their other location and have always been impressed with how tasty their prepared food is.

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        I just sampled their "cosmic cookies" at a promotional event and they were really good. The prices on their website seem to be in line with other organic products - some were a bit inflated, some were on par with the norm - which is to say pricey but hardly a surprise there. Based on the cookie samples I had I'd like to give a location a visit. In fact I think I just might...

    2. Like todc 1996 said, Whole Food wanabee.

      I too found the store poorly laid out. Produce was not fresh. I did purchase some pasta noodles. Athough I will not return. It really had nothing to to offer.

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        Agreed about the produce, and it is very expensive.

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          I went to the Planet Organic in Port Credit a few months ago and was not too impressed. The produce was sitting on and also covered with ice!! Really!!! Ice cubes sitting directly on lettuces, carrots, greens, etc. - I'm no produce merchandising expert but I know that direct contact with ice is not a good thing.

          Overall prices seemed high, though I bought a tube of cream in the healthy/beauty department because I wanted it regardless or price, and I think I've seen it several other places for significantly more (I paid $17 I think, have seen it for $20).

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            I sometimes hit the one in Port Credit - organic bananas are 49 cents a pound, but other items are sky high (e.g. diapers) compared to Fortino's. I tried a "raw" product called Sunza (beet buckwheat crackers) but do not recommend it.

            I haven't seen ice on the produce (in the past month).

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              You know the only reason I go there is for the makeup!!

        2. I live in the area and have never been inside the store, as I've heard how expensive it is, but I did pass by the other day (on the way to the Shoppers in that same plaza) and they've now extended their hours to 9pm every day.

          1. There's another Thornhill location west side of Bayview north of John Street.

            1. The two times I've been in, it has been absolutely empty, a ghost town. I can't imagine they're doing that well.

              Prices are really really really expensive, even more so than Ambrosia.

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                While prices are really expensive, there will be the odd time where something is on sale and actually more reasonable. They carry some products that I really like, but wouldn't travel far to get, so I'll swallow the markup and buy them there.

                It is pretty much empty whenever I've been though, at the Port Credit location.

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                  I don't expect the Thornhill one to do well dur the the proximity to Ambrosia. PO is bigger and brighter and has lots of parking, but Ambrosia's prices are lower, they're almost always busy and they have much lower overhead. That's not a recipe for success if you're the other guy. It's like that stupidly big Loblaw at Bayview & 7 trying to compete with Caynes on cookware, small appliances and kitchen gadgets.