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Mar 29, 2008 05:38 PM

Recommendations in Arnold, MO

This coming Thurs. - Sun. I will be in Arnold, MO. Any recommendations for restaurants for dinner that have good food and are casual? In fact, I might have to do take out a couple of nights. Also, would love to know favorite ice cream shops.

Thanks much in advance.

Jennifer in Western NC

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  1. Haven't seen much of a selection in Arnold. Might want to try Bambino's on Commerce Drive. Food is pretty good, and service is friendly.

    1. The Blue Owl is in Kimswick, and is very good. Only about 10 minutes from Arnold. They have fantastic pies, and the food is very homestyle and very good. Should definitely check it out.

      1. Fortel's Pizza Den on Vogel Road by Target is good.
        There are tons of chains in Arnold- several have decent food including, Culpeppers (141 and 61/67) and Bandana's BBQ ( same intersection).... Bandana's will do take-out too. I can't think of any ice cream shops IN Arnold that are any good. There's a Culver's for some custard and butter burgers. They are a nice treat sometimes.

        I've never been there, but there is a mexican place called El Paisano that some friends visit a lot. They really like it (I stick to a little hole in the wall about 15 minutes north of Arnold! ) :o)

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          I am told that El Paisano is part of the El Maguey family. Their menu is similar

          1. re: marymac

            In that case, I'd say El Paisano would be a safe bet for anyone visiting from someplace other than the SW or Texas! ;o)

          2. re: lrstl

            The El Paisano in U. City is consistently solid. Have the chicken or shrimp soup--a very generous portion of delicious and satisfying broth filled with chicken/shrimp, avocado, peppers, etc.

            1. re: alan

              Thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate it.

              Jennifer in Western NC

          3. I suggest you skip the ice cream, and go for St. Louis' signature summer treat: frozen custard. Head north on MO 141 from Arnold and head to Fritz's Frozen Custard in Valley Park. Try a concrete with morsels.

            1. if you need pizza, go to any nearest imo's gotta have it