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Mar 29, 2008 05:30 PM

Gluten Free Dining

So I have recently discovered that I have a gluten intolerance and have to avoid all wheat/gluten. Unfortunately, I am a vegetarian (although I eat fish) and my diet previously consisted of bagels and heaps of Italian food. I LOVE eating out and trying new restaurants so if anyone could help me find some good places that offer gluten free options, I would really really appreciate it. Any and all suggestions are desperately welcome. I live in Santa Monica, so the closer the better, but I'd love to hear any suggestions...Thank you in advance!

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  1. after doing a quick google search, i've found the following:

    American Girl Café - @ the Grove, West Hollywood

    Chaya - Venice, on Main St.

    El Cholo Mexican - Santa Monica, on Wilshire Blvd.

    PF Chang's - Various Locations

    Pinkberry - Various Locations

    But by the way, I think you should look up the definition of "vegetarian". Doesn't include animals of the sea. Sorry.

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      thanks for the restaurant advice. I will definitely look into that.
      But by the way, I think you should look up the definition of "vegetarian." There are many different levels of vegetarianism. Sorry.

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        I think Akasha in Culver City, and Real Food Daily in Santa Monica serves gluten free foods.

    2. Indian restaurants are fine. Just avoid the breads (naan, paratha, etc.) and the samosas. They don't use flour to thicken their sauces.

      1. Newsroom Cafe

        A Votre Sante or Sante La Brea

        Jack Spratt's Grille

        Monte Alban has options as most is made from scratch


        La Cachette (will accommodate if you call ahead)

        Gardens on Glendon


        Mao's Chinese Kitchen



        Tamara's Tamales


        Le Petit Cafe

        Chaya Venice (just call ahead to warn them)

        Mongolian BBQ depending upon your inclusions, and get them to clean the grill before yours is cooked

        M Cafe de Chaya

        Sushi but bring your own Bragg's as I do!

        Mani's Bakery

        Angelini Osteria (braised artichokes, seared ahi, panna cotta)

        Casbah Cafe (salads)

        Gingergrass (just not the sandwiches, duh)

        Sweet Debbie's (for sweets)

        Sensitive Baker

        Fritto Misto can help you. (they sub veggies for pasta)

        Steakhouses like The Palm or Ruth's Chris are great ideas

        Not my top choices, but Santa Monica also offers El Cholo and PF Chang's

        1. I don't suppose you've tried Real Food Daily in Santa Monica!
          And vegetarians do not eat fish.
          Tender Greens in culver city could also work.

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            Sorry to repeat what you said . . .

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              Thank you for your replies. I look forward to checking some of these places out...

          2. Go Veggie off the 90 freeway and Centinela! They have the most amazing 'salad bar' with delicious tofu and salad stuff.