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Mar 29, 2008 04:22 PM

Healthy Pizza in NYC and surrounding area

I'm looking for a place that has somewhat healthier pizza. Like a place that has fat free cheese, low fat cheese or soy cheese availability. Thanks.

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  1. Lil Frankie's makes an outstanding pie on whole-wheat crust! Fresh mozzarella is naturally lower in fat than many other cheeses.

    1. Viva herbal pizzeria on second ave between 11th and 12th st. has a great selection of healthy pizza!

      1. Slice, The Perfect Food located 2nd Ave Btwn 73rd & 74th St has soy as well as vegan mozzarella. They also offer whole wheat crust.

        Viva Herbal Pizzeria 2nd Ave, Btwn 11th & 12th St also offers the same as well.

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          I definitely agree with Slice. The pizza is amazing and healthy!