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Mar 29, 2008 04:14 PM

Everyday Food PBS

I've started DVR'ing this show weekly and I'm pretty excited about a lot of the recipes here. We both work full time in my house and some weeks are harder (read: longer) than others. I've gotten tired of the recipes in my rotation and this show has a lot of great easy ideas. I've got my shopping list ready & am looking forward to some new stuff this week. I'm a big fan of simple food done well which this show does.

Plus, it's kind of local (CT) and one of the women on there has a cafe in town I go to for lunch....which is always fun.

I was just wondering if anyone else watches or enjoys this show?

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  1. i have seen it more than a couple of times. first happened upon it, not knowing it was m.s. (but i like m.s., anyhow). similarly, i found it to be very good in technique and ideas -- and a logical, non-frenetic, friendly presentation. a very good show.

    1. I have watched the show for a couple of years, and have only just became a somewhat optimistic fan. I admit I had biases toward the overly glossy Martha Stewart imprimatur, but what won me over was the truly "everydayness" embraced: meals that could be prepared with ingredients from most every supermarket. (Despite my love of offbeat ethnic ingredients and some exotics, I like tasty food for all and local availability of ingredients makes people more likely to try a recipe.) Too, despite often rolling my eyes at seeing the umpeenth tutorial for dicing an onion, I appreciate that the show always addresses technique and often the reasons for the technique. Rational for measuring, reasons for resting meat, and a reasonable discussion og how ingredients combine - all have won my thumbs-up for a solid show. I'm looking forward to future seasons, as they seem to be getting better.

      An aside - listen to the miking and sound in the production. Very nice. The MS Empire doesn't miss on stuff like this.

      Still watching with interest,

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        You know I STILL cringe (20 years later...) when I hear "It's a good thing" on the days when MS is on....and no, the women aren't exactly engaging the camera and full of the over the top bubbly cutesyness FN has going on - but their recipes really are simple, delish, and easy. I'm glad to have found this.

      2. The Asian noodle salad with tofu is on my weekly rotation - I vary the veggies (green beans as indicated in the recipe, broccoli, red peppers). It is incredibly easy and quite tasty.

        The fuzzy focus and soft lighting can get on my nerves but I do like the recipes and have a few more that I'm looking forward to trying.

        1. I've watched a few episodes and the techniques & recipes are good but I do find the setup a bit sterile, it feels like they are cooking in a laboratory.

          1. A couple of the chicks are hot.

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              Second that! Nearly put a crick in my neck as I hurriedly looked up from my book to see just who was that sultry-voiced siren -