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Mar 29, 2008 03:51 PM

Need Best Fruit Baskets in Boston

I need to send a very special thanks you gift to several people. I am thinking of sending fruit baskets but most of what I have found seem rather mundane. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to where to get the best? High quality if more important than price.

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  1. Rather than the typical boring fruit basket, how about sending a basket of cookies by Miss Jackie? Website is: Amazing packaging - very very unique and different. AND, the prices are unbeatable. The cookies are fresh, too.

    1. I've had good luck with Ruma's in Everett for whole fruit and Edible Arrangements for those amazing cut fruit arrangements.

        1. Had good luck with The Farmland in Wakefield
          Better price and better quality.


            I've always been happy to send or receive an Edible Fruit basket. However they have a limited distribution area. check their website out.

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            1. re: ginnyhw

              I have to say this concept grosses me out.

              1. re: FoonFan

                Me too. It/they were center pieces at a wedding reception I attended last summer. Really seemed other wordly and totally unnecessary.

                1. re: Gio

                  Ya'll know I meant "other worldly"... dontcha?

                  1. re: Gio

                    My experience with them has been at work. They last about 1/2 an hour in my office -. the fruit is fresh and people love them. I can't imagine using one as a decoration- they have to be eaten on the spot. Did anyone at the wedding actually eat it?
                    On the other hand there's something about food in the office - it always tastes better, like on a camping trip, or at the beach.

                    1. re: ginnyhw

                      Actually - there was so much food at that wedding reception that we all thought the fruit basket was way over the top excessive since it came after a long night of over abundance. Some people took the baskets home but many just left it on the table. When will people learn extravance is not in the best interest of anyone. It was a pity!

                2. re: ginnyhw

                  In my experience, people seem to be very impressed with Edible Arrangements. Note that the fruit is nothing special, but many are impressed with the presentation. (That said, I'd rather have really good fruit from Winston's rather than a faux flower arrangement from EA.)